Moments (One Direction)

This is a story about a girl named Em who is very close friends with a guy named 'Harry Styles' who is also from a famous boy band (One Direction) and she is in the middle of a rough relationship. So Harry spends lots of time with her then something unexpected happens and turns her whole life around..


4. Hang Out

We finally got to the restaurant and it was packed! It was called Buca Di Beppo. We walked in and found out that the wait was over 3 hours long! And of course Harry was starved, so we left and decided to just go home and order pizza. Whilst on our way home I turned around to see that we were being followed.. "It's the paps.." Harry said. "Really?!" I stated angrily. I wanted to tell them to leave us alone, but I calmed myself. We finally arrived home and there were paparazzi's EVERYWHERE. They were all shouting at us and taking pictures it was so hard to see in front of me. "HEY HARRY LOOK OVER HERE!" "IS THAT YOUR NEW GIRLFRIEND HARRY?" "HARRY, HARRY OVER HERE!" "HEY MISS WHAT'S YOUR NAME?!" They were all hungry for answers I just wanted them to be gone and leave us alone. Me and Harry quickly walked inside shuffling through all the paps. I slammed the door shut after we both got in. "Oh my gosh. How can you stand that?!" I said. "Uh Em, you alright? Aha you're shouting really loudly.." "My ears are ringing!"  I shouted. "Haha okay how about you sit down and I'll order the pizza before I go deaf." "Sorry!" I screamed back. I saw Harry put down the phone so I knew he ordered the pizza and by that time my ears stopped ringing! Me and Harry sat down and talked about what's been going on in our lives and it was all pretty interesting. 30 mins later the pizza came and Harry basically devoured the whole thing. "Sorry I was hungry haha." He laughed. "I can tell.. haha" All of a sudden Harry's phone went off and it was one of the boys calling him. "I'll be right back" He said whilst getting up and going towards the entrance of the flat. "Alright" I said smiling back. I looked down to see I had received a text from Stiles.-Hey babe, Allison, Scott and I were wondering if we can come over?- I replied back -Right now? aha it's almost ten. But sure come over if you want- -Alright thanks see you soon x- Stiles replied. I looked up from my phone and saw Harry coming back, he finished his call. "Hey do you mind if a couple people come over? Or do you want to rest?" I said to Harry. "It's fine if people come, I don't mind!" He said. "Are you sure, you're not tired?" "I'll just go take a shower at 10:30 and I'll be off to bed." "Alright sounds good" I sad smiling at him. Then we heard the doorbell ring. "I got it" I told Harry. I opened the door to Stiles, Allison, and Scott and welcomed them in. "Hey babe hope I'm not interrupting anything" Stiles said whilst hugging me tightly and kissing me on the cheek."Oh no don't worry!" I replied back to him. We all walked towards Harry. "So guys this is Harry a really close friend of mine he's going to be staying here for a bit." "Haha we know who he is Em" Scott said. "Oh allllright then" I replied. We all sat down kidding around and talking and then it got to 10:30 so Harry went upstairs to take a shower and sleep. "So Em...uhm he's going to be staying here? With you.. while he's on break?" Stiles asked after Harry left. "Yeh... why?" "I don't know it just seems a bit weird since he just came today and you're basically lending him your house." "I'm not lending it to him.. He's a friend, of course I'm going to let him stay" "Okay can you both just please stop.." Allison said cutting Stiles off before he could say anything. "Erm, it's getting late I think we should go." Scott said motioning Stiles towards the door. "Alright I'll meet you guys by the door.." Stiles said whilst getting up. Scott knew what Stiles was going to do, he just shook his head and gave him a bad look...


Sorry for the wait! I know it's been long so I've decided I'm going to write 3 new chapters to thank you all for being patient. Thank you for over 200 reads! Enjoy X


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