What Luck (Harry Styles fanfic.)

Maggie is being forced to go live with her dad, a big-shot manager for a famous band, in England. What she doesn't expect is that band happens to be the one and only One Direction!

This is actually not my story. i found this while searching through the internet and i just had to share it with everyone.... so tell me what you think(:


6. Chapter 6

I ran to my room once i knew they couldn't hear my hasty footsteps and searched for something cute and casual to wear. I decided on a pair of denim shorts and a red ribbed tank. 
I took off my sunglasses and put on some eyeliner and mascara. Lets do this. 

I walked back into the kitchen to find the boys fighting over the rolling pin again. This time, they were wearing aprons

Liam looked at me an said, "Hey, there she is! Maggie, can you please settle this? Who do you think should get to flatten the dough?"

"umm," i stepped towards the roller and took it. 
"me" i giggled. I always was a natural flirt and even though i was nervous as anything, i figured it wouldn't hurt to try and have some fun. 

I started flattening the dough. The boys looked at me shocked.
 "what?" I asked, smiling

"thats not fair!" louis whined. 

We all laughed. " oh well" i said

"Alright Boss whats next?" Liam asked

"we need tomato sauce, grated cheese, and...does anyone like pepperoni?" 

"i do!" they all said raising their hands. I giggled

"okay then someone get out some pepperoni" 

Niall got the toppings out and immediately started chomping down on the pepperoni slices

"Niall! Don't eat that! Its for the pizza!" louis screamed. All of us winced at the loud noise. Niall put the pepperoni back on the counter right away and we continued making the pizza. 

"hey, someone get the radio" Niall said

Louis looked at Zayn and said, "race ya for it!" and the two boys left the room running. Liam ran after them saying, "guys! Don't run! You'll break something!" and Niall followed. Harry stayed with me. 

Omg, i thought, I'm alone, in the kitchen, with Harry Styles!!!!!

Harry put bis elbows on the counter and his head in his hands. "you're doing a great job there, Maggie. You should be a chef" 

I giggled, "Thanks. Umm, do you guys have any more aprons? I don't want to get flour all over me."

"Here take mine" he said with a grin as he took off his apron and handed it to me. 

Harry Styles just gave me his apron. OMG

I blushed. "thanks" i said and started to put it on. I struggled with the tie at the back of my neck. 

"here, let me help you with that" he walked behind me and started to tie the strings together. I could feel his fingers brush against my neck. 

Oh. He's just so perfect...Ah! Snap out of it Maggie!

"There ya go" he returned to his original spot across the counter from me, smiling. 

"Thanks Harry" i don't know if my face could have been more red. 

The rest of the boys returned. "Vas Happening?" Zayn said, proudly holding the radio above his head. 

An out-of-breath louis shook his fist at Zayn. "curse you, you bradford bad boy!" he said in a voce that sounded  like an old mans. 

"Shut up Louis!" Zayn said laughing. 

We finished making the pizza bd by the time we removed it from the oven my dad walked through the door. "Hey guys!" he called

"Hi Charlie" the boys chorused. It seemed like my dad was pretty close with them. 

"We made pizza. And its ready just in time" Liam told him. 

"great! Lets go sit at the table" he led us into the dining room and they all went to sit down, even though the boys were still covered in flour. 

Harry pulled out a chair and motioned with his hand for me to sot in it. 

I blushed and sat down. He scooted the chair in and sat down in the chair next to me. "thanks" i said to him. 

"Anytime" he winked at me. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. 

The pizza turned out delicious and the guys invited me down to the basement for a movie after they showered and changed to rod themselves of all the flour. I was feeling a lot better that i had this morning. And i was excited to continue hanging out with the boys. 

And to sleep in the same room as Harry Styles tonight, i thought. 


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