What Luck (Harry Styles fanfic.)

Maggie is being forced to go live with her dad, a big-shot manager for a famous band, in England. What she doesn't expect is that band happens to be the one and only One Direction!

This is actually not my story. i found this while searching through the internet and i just had to share it with everyone.... so tell me what you think(:


5. Chapter 5 (:

They all stopped what they were doing and turned to me. Louis put down the rolling pin.

“Ah, hello there. You must be Maggie, Charlie’s daughter.” Liam smiled at me.

“Hi, Im Harry.” Harry walked over to me and extended his hand for me to shake it with a cheeky grin.

I stood there motionless, like a statue. Come on, Maggie! Move! Say something!

“Uh,” I managed to get out. I stared at Harry’s hand. I was covered in flour, as was the rest of him. It was all in his hair too. I couldn’t take my eyes off his hand. I could barely move. One  Direction was standing right in front of me. I would be staying in a house with One Direction!

Maggie. Stop freaking out. Breathe. Breathe.

I did my best to stay calm, but I couldn’t move. Dammit, I must have looked so stupid. An 18-year-old girl freaking out about meeting One Direction. They must think im such a freak.

“Go on there, love, shake his hand. He wont bite.” Louis said

I took Harry’s hand, covered in flour, and shook it. He smiled

“So, im guessing you’re a fan?” Niall asked in his adorable irish accent. I shook my head yes. I didn’t think I would be able to speak quite yet.

“Cool.” Zayn said.

I looked at my hand, which now had flour. Harry must have noticed it too. Harry must have noticed it too. “Sorry about that, we were trying to cook.” He said with a sheepish grin. I Just smiled. Inside I was completely freaking out. Harry Styles just shook my hand…

“Um, Maggie, why are you wearing shades inside?” Liam asked, pointing at my sunglasses. Oh Crap. I realized I was still in my Soffee Shorts, cami, and ratty old flip flops. And I wasn’t wearing any makeup, which means my eyes looked like a tired old lady.

“I, uh, im not wearing makeup and, um, so I wore sunglasses to, uh, yeah...” I stuttered out, my voice all shaky. Great. Real smooth, Maggie.

“Oh, alright,” he said nicely. He must have heard how nervous I sounded and decided I was a dork. Louis looked at me strangely, “You know, theres no need to be nervous, Maggie. We’re just regular people.” He laughed. Oh gosh, their accents. I don’t know how I haven’t fainted yet.

“Uh, Okay.” I muttered. I realized something. I would b sleeping in the same room as one of them. I wonder who. As if he read my mind, Liam spoke up. “So, erm, I assume your dad told you about your living arrangements and such?”

I nodded.” He didn’t tell me who id be staying with, though.” My voice was a little less shaky.

Harry Grinned and said, “Hey, roomie.”


I was going to be sleeping in the same room as HARRY FREAKING STYLES.

“Oh, um, that’s great.” I smiled. “Niall and I share a room, Zayn and Louis share a room, and Harry originally had his own room, since he, uh.. not to scare you, love, but he sort of..” Liam tried to get out what he was trying to say.

“Gets naked all the time?” I said with a little laugh. “Uh, Yeah. Sorry.” Liam said apologetically.

“But I promised your dad ill wear clothes 24/7, so I wont be naked anymore, I swear.” Harry said. “I mean.. unless you want me to.” He winked.

“Harry! Stop that.” Liam scolded him. WOW, he really does act like the father. “Sorry, Maggie, he’s a bit of a flirt. I hope that isn’t a problem.”

“No its okay,” I said a little too quickly. Dammit, I bet I sounded like a desperate child.

“well, great.” Harry grinned. Oh, gosh he’s so gorgeous even covered in flour

“So,” harry began, “We were attempting to make a pizza, but all we’ve done so far is get the dough and throw the flour at each other,” he laughed. “Would you like to help us?” he looked at me expectantly.

“Um, yeah, sure. Just give me a minute to change and stuff. Ill be right back.” I said quickly and left.

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