What Luck (Harry Styles fanfic.)

Maggie is being forced to go live with her dad, a big-shot manager for a famous band, in England. What she doesn't expect is that band happens to be the one and only One Direction!

This is actually not my story. i found this while searching through the internet and i just had to share it with everyone.... so tell me what you think(:


4. Chapter 4 xD

 “Mags! Maggie!! Over here!” I turned around to where the voice was coming from. I spotted my dad jumping and waving like an idiot.

“Dad!” I dropped my bags and ran over to him with a huge smile on my face. I hadn’t seen him for about ten years.

“Maggie, sweetie, I missed you.” He hugged me extra tight.

“I missed you too dad,”

“Come on, let’s go get your bags and I’ll drive you back to the house.”

Once we were in the car, my dad threw a bunch of information about where I’d be staying at me in a rush.

“Okay. So here’s the thing. The band I manage, they just finished a tour so right now they are on break. They rent this really nice place nearby where I live. Unfortunately, honey, im only renting a one-bedroom apartment and they aren’t any two-bedroom places available. I looked all over the place.. and I was wondering if it would be alright if you could stay with the boys.”

“Wait, what? I can’t live with you? Why can’t I just stay in my own place?”

“Because your mother specifically told me that you are prohibited to live by yourself. And since there’s no room at my place…”  

“Dad, I don’t even know these guys. And they’re guys. I should at least live with a female. I can’t believe mom would allow me living with a bunch of boys, but she wont let me get my own place. This is ridiculous.” I protested.

“There’s only five of them, im sure you will be alright. I’m over there a lot anyway. Plus there’s only one boy, Liam, who acts like their father most of the time,” he chuckled. “He seems to keep them under control, usually” huh. That sounded kind of like Liam from One Direction, haha. Ugh, focus, Maggie.

I huffed. This was so stupid. I don’t even know them!

“And sweetie, there is um…one more thing..” she said hesitantly.

“Ugh. What now?” I asked with a bit of dread.

“Im sorry to say this but…im afraid you won’t be um.. you won’t be able to have your own room.” He finished.

“WHAT!? What do you mean I don’t get my own room?! DAD! They are boys! I can’t share a room with a boy I don’t even know! Most fathers wouldn’t even think of it!”

“I know, I know and im sorry. They boy you’ll be sharing a room with is very nice, honey, im sure you’ll get along fine. We’ve even hung up a sheet in the middle of the room so you’ll have some privacy.”

I huffed again. I can’t believe he was doing this to me.

“and your bed is on the opposite side of the room as his. So you should be fine.”

“Oh, I get my own bed, now? Wow, what a luxury.” I said sarcastically. At least I didn’t have to sleep in the same bed as this guy.

“ I promise things will be alright. And if you ever need me, im just a phone call and about five minutes away. Come on, honey, cheer up. We’re here. Welcome home,darling.”

We pulled into a circular stone driveway in front of a huge mansion. Jeez, they must be pretty famous to get a place this nice.

My dad and I stepped out of the car and he helped me unload my bags and carry them to the door. When we got inside there was a huge crystal chandelier hanging right above the doorway. It seemed to be just a one-floor place, except for a basement my dad mentioned that contained a movie room or something.

 He led me down the hall into a room that I assumed was the one I’d be staying in. like he said, there was a sheet in the middle of the room for my ‘privacy’. There was a nicely made bed on what seemed to be my side of the room, with a mirror on top of a dresser that wasn’t very big.

We dropped by bags down and my dad told me he had to leave for a couple of hours and he’d be back around 10 tonight. I checked my phone, it was only 6. Four hours to go.

“Go look around, explore the place. The boys have to be around here somewhere. I want you to meet them and get to know them a little but better, okay? I’ll see you later honey” my dad quickly said as he walked out the front door.

Great, I thought. I walked around and everything was pretty nice. I heard a bunch of voices coming from what I assumed was the kitchen. It sounded like there was a big commotion in there. I hadn’t changed yet or put makeup on, but I decided it didn’t really matter and went to check it out.

I opened the doors to the kitchen and my jaw dropped to the floor as I saw Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Harry Styles standing in the kitchen, flour all over them, fighting over a rolling pin.


*kay so again, tell me what you all think!!*

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