What Luck (Harry Styles fanfic.)

Maggie is being forced to go live with her dad, a big-shot manager for a famous band, in England. What she doesn't expect is that band happens to be the one and only One Direction!

This is actually not my story. i found this while searching through the internet and i just had to share it with everyone.... so tell me what you think(:


2. Chapter 2 :p

“Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way you flip you hair gets me overwhelmed, but when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell…” Harry sang his solo in What Makes You Beautiful and stepped towards me. He extended his hand down to pull me up on stage and leaned in for a kiss, right in front of everyo-

“Maggie. Maggie! MAGGIE!”

“what..what! What do you want!” I yelled at Kelsie who had screamed at me until I woke up.

“Your mom told me to get you up, loser.” She shot at me. Why does her hair have to look so perfect when she wakes up? Some girls seriously have everything.

“Gee, thanks.” I replied.

“Well aren’t you a morning beauty. NOT. Breakfast is downstairs, freak. I’ll be out shopping with daddy and your mom.”

“Ugh, for what?”

“A gorgeous dress and some sexy heels for my 18th birthday party. Hah, that brings back memories. Remember your 18th? The only person who showed up was that weirdo Jess. Ugly as she is, I still don’t see how she could stand to be around you enough to be your friend. Ugh, some people.” She said and left the room.

Yeah, some people…I thought.

One more day, just one more day…

I decided to get up and drag my butt down to the kitchen to eat something since my stomach wouldn’t shut up. I found it to be empty, and was pleasantly surprised that the three of them had already left and I could be alone for a while. I quickly ran upstairs to grab my iPod, and once back in the kitchen I plugged it into the speaker and blasted I Wish.

After eating breakfast and dancing around in the kitchen like an idiot, I walked upstairs to my room to do some more packing. All I had left was some One Direction posters from my walls, a few picture frames displaying mine and Jess’s smiling faces, and my blanket from when I was little. Thank goodness I’d kept that hidden from Kelsie, or I’d never hear the end of it. I sleep with it every night, despite that being totally babyish.

I picked up a purple picture frame with a picture of Jess and I in it. When we took the picture, we were having a “photo shoot” in my room and being totally silly and ridiculous. In this particular picture we were sticking out our tongues and have our eyes wide.

I heard a ‘meow’ from down the hall.

“Aww, hi there Buddy!” I greeted my car. Buddy was the sweetest cat in the world. He always curled up with me and purred when I was in a bad mood. Best of all, he hated everyone else in this house just as much as I did. When Kelsie first tried to pet him, he hissed at her and swatted at her face. What a good boy, I thought I was probably going to miss him most of all.

To be honest, Marty, my mom’s boyfriend, wasn’t really all that bad. He somehow doesn’t mind my mother’s craziness or Kelsie’s bitching. I really don’t know how he does it. He’s pretty nice to me, I guess. I assume he knows I don’t really want him in my way, so he kinda just leaves me alone. Which is pretty good, since I’m not interested in another problem at my house.

I heard the door. “We’re home, Mags,” my mom yelled. Ugh. I hate that nickname. Only one more day. I can get through this.


*sorry it's kinda short, I'll try to post again later! tell me what you all think(: *

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