you again:)

this is about a girl (me) who had just bumped into her old best friend at Starbucks (louis) does she confess her love after 2 years? Does he lover her back? IDK READ TO FIND OUT!! xxHaley


1. Is that you?

Haley's POV:

                       I was at Starbucks in England. Obviously 'cause I live there (only in the story!) and because I needed a coffee. When i got my drink and went to sit down, someone bumped into me and spilled my coffee all over me. He looked up from his phone and said "I'm so sorry, love! I wasn't looking!!" I said "It's ok really!" "No its not.. And you look really familar!" "Louis?!" "Haley?! I thought i would never see you again!!" "Same here!!" "Want to go to my flat so you can get cleaned up and we can catch up on things?" "Sure!!" With that you both left Starbucks and he said he had something to tell me.....

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