Family Secret

Victoria kelly is now 18 and is moving to England. She bumps into Harry and somethings happen from there. Is there a secret that is yet later to be shown you will have to read to find out.


15. Working Hard

Victoria P.O.V.

I walked into Starbucks and I saw Jessica. "hey Jessica" I said to her.

"Hey how's everything?" She asked me. "Actually a lot better" I said with a smile on my face at the fact that Harry Styles is my boyfriend.

"We'll that's good." She said.

"Ok well you can just take over at the cash register here" she said to me while she went to go take her break.

The day went good it wasn't that busy, my shift was almost over when I heard a little chime telling me that someone came into the store. I shifted my attention to 5 boys in hats, sunglasses and fake mustaches while laughing at each other. They came up to the counter.

"Hello what would you like?" I asked trying to contain my laughter at how weird they were.

"You" said a thick Irish accent.

"Hey she's mine" said a sexy British accent stepping in front.

"I'm sorry that's not on the menu" I said. "We'll it should be" Harry said while winking at me.

"We'll if you are not going to order something will you please step aside so I can deal with some real costumes" I said to them.

I saw Jessica walk out. "Hey do you need help with the co- YOU'RE ONE DIRECTION!" Jessica screamed.

"Jessica relax they are just my friends that just so happens to be one direction." I said to her.

"Can I take a picture with you guys?"Jessica asked.

"Sure babe" Niall said. I took Jessica's phone and took their picture. I handed it back to Jessica and she smiled really big and fan to the back. I laughed at how happy she was. They told me what they wanted and they a got their drinks and Niall got something else to eat. I served my last costumer and i was done for today. The boys were waiting for me how sweet. I went to the back to get my bag. I saw Jessica. 

"I'm off now I'll see you some other time." I said to Jessica.

"Alright but wait here take this." She said.

"What?" I asked.

"Give me your phone." She said. I gave her my phone with hesitation. She gave it back to me and I noticed that she gave me her phone number. She saved it as 'YourNewBestFriend' I took her phone and saved my contact as 'YourMostFavouritePersonEver' it was a long name but i don't care. 

"Just text or call me when you need help or want to just talk." She said. i smiled at her and i nodded my head. I gave her a quick hug when i left. i saw the boys and they asked me if i was ready and we left. 

"Hey babe i was thinking since you come around enough how about you come and move in with me. Don't worry Louis won't be a bother." Harry said to me. I looked over at Louis and he winked at me. 

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Of course i am i would love it if i had my wonderful, beautiful girlfriend with me." Harry said.

"Just make sure you two don't make too much noise." Louis said. I could tell he was joking so i played along.

"I don't know Louis i will try my hardest but just look at him." I said referring to Harry. It was so funny because Louis eyes went huge and me and the rest of the boys started bursting out laughing. 

"But seriously no naughty things." Niall said.

"You guys can't tell me anything i am older than all of you." I said to them.

"When were you born?" Zayn asked me.

"April 10, 1991" i said "Therefore even making me older that stripes over there." I said pointing to Louis who just so happened to be wearing a stripped shirt. I could tell the rest of the boys were looking at me surprised.

"Now i know why Harry likes you so much other than the fact that you are hot." Niall said winking at me. 

"Any why would that be? Little one" I said.

"He likes older women, and I am way taller than you how tall are you?" He asked.

"5'5" I said in barely a whisper so no one could really hear me. I never really liked being this short.

"What was that i never really heard what you said. Little one?" Niall said mocking me.

"5'5! OKAY!?" I shouted at him. All the rest of the boys were laughing. Harry came over and hugged me. 

"i think she is adorable." Harry said while leaning down to give a kiss. After our little age and height fight we finally arrived at my flat. We started to pack up which was not a lot it was basically just my clothes and just little things. We got back to Harry's flat well now my flat. I was sharing a room with Harry. 

"I want to do something I'm bored." Niall whined. 

"Go eat something." Liam said to him, Niall left for the kitchen and like not even 5 seconds later, He came back.

"There's nothing to eat can we go to Nandos?" Niall asked. We all agreed and we left to go. We all got seated and i was beside Harry and Niall and on the other side of Niall is Liam, Louis and beside Louis was Zayn. We were all seated and the waiter came up and he looked really familiar. He looked at me and was staring at me. Then it came back he was the waiter that served me and Liam on our first date and he was checking me out. But i thought he worked at that fancy restaurant, I let it slide.

Liam P.O.V.

"hey look really familiar" The waiter said while looking at Me. I recognized him too he was the waiter that was checking Victoria out on our first date. I didn't really wanted to bring it up so i played it like i knew nothing.

"Maybe because i am from One direction" i said. The rest of the boys had sort of a confused look on their face and the look on Victoria's face i could tell that she remembered him too. 

"Wait! Now i think i know where you are from weren't you on a date with that ho- girl." he said. I don't think he noticed that, the hot girl he was talking about was right there. I looked over to Victoria and she looked uncomfortable. The waiter must have seen where i was looking and he found the only girl that was sitting with us. 

"Oh there she is, Hey sweety" He said while checking Victoria out.

"Can you not?" She said giving him a lot of attitude. I guess Harry got jealous and he wrapped his arms around Victoria. 

"Are you going to stop hitting on my girlfriend, so we can eat now." Harry said impatiently. 

"Seriously your dating this clown" The waiter asked. i remembered his name now he said it was Michael.

"I don't even know you?" She said to Michael.

"Don't even play like that. I know you remember me." Michael said with a wink at the end.

Victoria looked pissed, "I have no fucking clue who you are and you come here and ruin my perfectly good lunch that we still haven't order might i add and you are here insulting my boyfriend and if i don't get to order my food in the next two seconds. god help me" Victoria said with anger, Harry stood up and grabbed her by her shoulders and whispered something in her ear. She calmed down and sat back down.

Victoria P.O.V.

"Okay okay fine my name is Michael i will be your waiter blah blah blah.... What do you want" Michael said. We ordered our food and lucky after we got our food Michael didn't bother us. That was until we called for the bill.

"Victoria can i talk to you for a second." Michael asked me.

"How do you know my name and why" I asked.

"Well first of all they said it a bunch of times plus i know you please just let me talk to you i won't give the bill until you will." He said.

Me thinking he was really annoying and i guess he wasn't going to let me go easily i agreed. Harry looked at me and i just told him I told all of them i will be back in a second. i left and i went to the side of the building with Michael.

"So what do you want?" i asked him.

"You" He said. I need to stop asking guys that. 

"Well sorry but i am already taken." I said.

"But i know you want me" He said back to me. I did a fake laugh.

"And what makes you think that?" i asked him. 

"The fact that you had a big crush on me" He said.

"I don't and never did have a crush on you. Let me get this through your head i don't know you." i said. 

"Ok since you are  not getting it. I'm pretty sure from the way i talk i am not form here and neither are you. Do you remember that guy you liked in grade 8?" He said.

Memories started to flood back into my mind and i did remember him now but no one said they were good memories. 

"Oh you mean the one that i had a huge crush on for two years but he never knew or maybe he did. But from like grade 2 to 5 we were close talked everyday to the the point where i couldn't even say hi to without him yelling at me for what no fucking reason.  Yea i remember but frankly i don't want to." I spat in his face. 

"Please Victoria i was a jerk i know but i really like you" He said,

"Too late" I said. i walked away but when I did he grabbed my wrist and spun me around and kissed me. I did not enjoy the kiss and did not want to last any longer so i kicked him right where his little boy parts were. He doubled to the floor in pain. I finally walked away and I saw Harry waiting for me when i walked in. 

"So babe is everything okay?" He asked me.

"Yea nothing you need to worry about." i said to him.

"Okay let's leave now." Harry said.

"Okay but i need to do one quick thing." I walked over to the manager.

"You might wanna check the side door and check on your employee" Before he couls say anything i turned around and found Harry I wrapped my arms around his waist, and gave him a kiss. 

"You know your sexy when you kick ass" He said to me. 

"Oh so you did see?" i asked him, He nodded his head. We walked out of Nandos. Just me and my boy but i'm pretty sure the boys will ruin that sometime, don't worry i don't mind.

A/N: I feel so bad about me not updating for a while. Thank you for reading I LOVE YOU! please leave a comment below of what you think. Also you should also go check out my friend



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