Family Secret

Victoria kelly is now 18 and is moving to England. She bumps into Harry and somethings happen from there. Is there a secret that is yet later to be shown you will have to read to find out.


10. Who is that?


Victoria P.O.V.

Who did i see walk through the door. Liam.... with another girl with curly brown hair and brown eyes. I ducked under the counter i didn't want him to see me. 

"What are you doing?" Jessica asked me with a giggle in her voice. I grabbed her and dragged her down with me. "What the-" she was saying but i cute her off.  

"You see that guy that just walked in." i said to her she got up and looked and i pulled her back down again and her eyes were wide open.  

"Omg that's LIAM PAYNE!" she kinda screamed but i covered her mouth. I started to think how did she know who he was, then i remembered i am dating a celebrity form the biggest boy band One Direction, what if she was a fan whatever. 

"Yes while he is also my boyfriend and he is with another girl." i said to her,  

"Wait your dating Liam Payne?" she asked me in disbelief. i just nodded my head.  

"Now anyways I tell him one day that i am not busy and he decides to go out with another girl." I said.    "So you don't know who the girl is?" Jessica asked me. I just shook my head. "That's Danielle Peazer, Liam's ex-girlfriend." This time i gave her a look of disbelief. the one day i'm busy my boyfriend decides to make plans with his ex-girlfriend. Wait Victoria maybe your over thinking this they could just be friends hanging out. Yeah i'm sure that is what's happening. Liam would never so something like that he is too sweet. I got up and looked back at there table and i saw that they were gone but when i looked through the window i saw Liam with his lips attached to that Danielle chick. I couldn't handle it anymore and i let tears fall. Jessica must have saw because she wrapped me in a big hug and brought me to the back. Daniel left but Samantha was still there and she saw me.  

"Why is she crying couldn't handle the work little miss I'll go date a celebrity and i don't have to do anything." Samantha spat at me. I really do not like this girl.  

"no she just saw her boyfriend right in front of her kidding another girl." Jessica said defending me.   

"Good Liam was too good for you anyways slut" Samantha said to me. I was still sad but at this moment i was very angry so i did not hesitate to go up to Samantha and slap this bitch right across the face to shut her up.  

I don't care if I got fired at this point. I took off my uniform grabbed my bag and went home i was so mad. When i got home i slammed the door and went into my room. Liam really hurt me he was the first serious boyfriend i ever had and this happens. I just sat on my bed and cried. Until i eventually fell asleep.  I woke up to see that it was the next day already wow i slept for a long time. I checked my phone and it had missed calls from all of the boys. I also had 3 text messages. 2 from Liam and 1 from Harry. I looked at Liam's to see what it said.  

YourBoy: Hey what are you up too?  

YourBoy: Hey is something wrong your not answering my text or calls.        

Delete those.  

TheSexyCurlyHairedOne: Hey Liam said your not answering any of his calls is something wrong you know you can tell me.       

I decided to text Harry back. I needed someone to talk to and Harry is the only one i have right now.   

YourSexyTwin: yeah Harry do you mind coming over i need someone to talk to right now.   

TheSexyCurlyHairedOne: I'll be right there.   

Harry P.O.V.

Liam said that Victoria was ignoring him all day yesterday. I wasn't going to lie i have feelings for Victoria and the day i found out that Liam and Victoria were dating it crushed me. I was her best friend though. I texted Victoria to see if she was alright but she didn't text me back until the next day. She needed someone to talk to I was right there for her. i put on my coat and i got into my car and i droved to Victoria's house something must have been really bothering her.  

I knocked on her door and i heard a faint "open it's unlocked." I did and i went inside and I saw her sitting there on the couch and her eyes were red and puffy. I ran over to her and hugged her.   

"What happened Love?" I asked her,  

"Well Liam texted me yesterday in the morning asking if i was busy and i told him i was but he never asked what i was doing, I needed money so i went to go get a job and i got one at Starbucks  This nice girl i met there was showing me around and i saw Liam walk in with another girl and i didn't know who it was until the girl i was working with Jessica told me it was some girl Danielle, Liam's ex-girlfriend, I started to freak out and then i just told myself to calm down what if they are just friends i looked back and they were gone but i saw them threw the window and they were kissing. I got really upset because Liam was my first ever serious boyfriend and i trusted him and i didn't think he would do something like this. Then i went to the back and this other girl i work with told me that Liam was too good for me and that i was a slut." Victoria finally finished saying. I was so pissed off how could Liam do something like this. I wanted to go and yell at Liam so bad but i stayed back because i knew Victoria needed someone to be with her. i just stood there and hugged her and i gave her a kiss on top of her head.   

"Don't worry he's not worth it." i said to her.  

"Isn't he one of your best friends?" she asked me.  

"He is but what he did to you was terrible and you don't deserve that" i said to her.  

Victoria P.O.V.

  Like i said before Harry was really my best friend he came here to comfort me and it was working i felt so safe with Harry and i could tell him anything i didn't even feel like this when i was with Liam. Was i starting to like Harry no! He was just my best friend.   

"So what do you want to do?" Harry asked me breaking me out from my thoughts.

"We can watch a movie if you want." i suggested to Harry. 

"Sounds good. What movie?" Harry asked me.

"How about 21 jump street" i suggested. (and i suggest to you too if you never saw it it's fucking hilarious).  

Me and Harry were laughing our asses off with the movie. Then it finished and I was hungry, i asked Harry if he wanted to get something to eat and we were going to make food here. I had chicken wings and that is what we ate and later i asked him if he wanted to help make me a cake. I took the flour and i accidently got some flour on Harry's face and he took it personally  So he took a handful and dumped into my hair, i freaked out no one touches mt hair. I took a egg and threw it at him and it his him and it went all over his hair and clothes i was just standing there laughing. He took an egg and i knew he was going to throw it at me so i ducked and it didn't hit me.   

"What the hell?" i turned around to see Liam covered in egg. I started to laugh but then i saw his facial expression it was serious like he was mad.   

"So you ignore all my texts and don't call me back and have me worried sick about you but instead you were here playing with Harry. What were you so busy with yesterday anyways either were you with Harry!" Liam exploded on me. I got mad. i was pissed off.

"Actually no Harry was here to comfort me when i saw my so called 'boyfriend' making out with there ex-girlfriend you asshole and i decided to have some fun Mr  serious all the time." i yelled right back to Liam. He looked shocked and i know it was because of how i knew him and Danielle were together. 

 "Look Victoria I am sor-" Liam started but was cut off by Harry.  

"Listen mate i think you should leave." Harry said.  

"I think you should stay out of this fight between me and my girl" Liam said right back. i never seen him so mad before.   

"i think i have a right to say something. I am Victoria's best friend and i'm pretty sure she would rather spend more time with me than you" Harry said. 

 "Yea, well remember something it was so obvious when you brought Victoria home that you liked her. And you had your chance but she picked me. Ok she liked me so back of Harry! Victoria is with me." Liam yelled. I didn't know what to say or do at this point.  

I looked at Harry and he looked pissed off. Was it true did Harry really like me, I'm so confused. Harry stepped closer to Liam and before i knew it Harry punched Liam in the face. I get it he was angry but i don't think that hitting someone was right. I ran over to Liam who got up like he was fine and he went to hut Harry when i yelled. "BOTH OF YOU GUYS STOP!!  JUST STOP!" They stopped and looked at me. Liam had a bloody nose. 

"Liam I did not appreciate you cheating on me and then accusing me and then telling my own best friend to back off when all he was doing was protecting me. With you Harry you shouldn't have punched Liam that was wrong. You guys are friends and i don't want to ruin that" 

"I'm sorry" They both said. I forgave Harry but i was still pissed at Liam. 

"I think you guys should leave. I'll text you later Harry." I said. Harry nodded and left. It was just me and Liam standing there.  

"Victoria" Liam was saying.

"Save it Liam, i don't want to hear it you were my first boyfriend and you broke my heart and you come here and yell at me for hanging out with my friend. i just don't know if i can trust you again Liam" I said, he nodded his head and went to leave but before he did.  

"I love you Victoria and I always will" he said before leaving. Uhhh Liam why must you make this so hard for me. 

  A/N: There i gave two more chapters. This drama with Liam omg i am sorry i knwo most of you wanted Victoria to be with Liam but my original plan was not like that so.. you are going to have to see and ohhh Victoria knows how Harry's feels about her. Thank you for reading. 

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