Family Secret

Victoria kelly is now 18 and is moving to England. She bumps into Harry and somethings happen from there. Is there a secret that is yet later to be shown you will have to read to find out.


11. What really happened

(This chapter is what happened already but in Liam's point of view) 

Liam P.O.V.

I texted Victoria if she wanted to hang out but she told me she was busy, i was just going to have a lazy day. I wanted to get some food so i went out. When i was walking i bumped into Danielle yes she was my ex-girlfriend but i still wanted to be friends with her. We broke up because i was always busy and so was she. 

"Oh hi Liam" Danielle said like she was really happy to see me.

"Hi, Danielle hows life?" i said back.

"How about we can like go to a cafe or something to catch up? if your not busy?" Danielle suggested. I accepted and the closest we found was a Starbucks. We went in and we started talking for a little bit and then i heard someone yell "OMG it's Liam Payne!". As much as i love my fans i didn't fell like getting mobbed today. So i asked if Danielle wanted to leave. We left and i looked into Danielle's eyes and i knew all the feelings i had for her were still there I could see it in Danielle's eyes too. I knew it was the wrong thing but i leaned in and kissed her and she kissed me back. I felt fireworks go off. I pulled back and i looked at Danielle amazed. 

"I'll see you sometime around Liam" Danielle said while walking away. But she gave me a piece of paper first and i looked at it and it was Danielle's number. After she left i went to go back home. I felt bad that i kissed Danielle while i had a girlfriend. So i decided to text Victoria. 

YourBoy: Hey what are you up to? 

I thought maybe she was just busy like she told me but after like 4 hours she didn't text back i got worried. I tried to call her like 4 times. She wasn't answering. I tried to text her again.

YourBoy:  Hey is something wrong you won't answer my text or calls. 

She still didn't reply so i called the boys and told them what happened. I just figured she was busy and that i would leave her alone. The rest of the day i just sort of stayed in and didn't do much. I finally went to bed and i woke up the next day.

~ Next Day ~

I looked at my phone to see that Victoria still didn't text me or call me. I made some breakfast and then i was going to go over to Victoria's. I got to her apartment and i was about to knock when I noticed that the door was opened. I opened it and the next thing i know i am being hit in the chest with an egg. 

"What the hell?" i said. I looked around to see what happened and i see Harry standing there and Victoria is on the ground covered in flour. She turned to look at me and she started laughing. I was mad she didn't call or text me back but she was here playing with Harry. Maybe that was what she was doing yesterday when she said she was 'busy'. I had to say something 

"So you ignore all my text and don't call me back and you have me worried sick about you, but instead you were here playing with Harry, What were so busy with yesterday anyways either were you with Harry!" I asked very angry. 

She looked at me and her laughing she now had a serious face on. "Actually no Harry was here to comfort me when i saw my so called 'boyfriend' making out with there ex-girlfriend. You asshole! and i decided to have some fun Mr. Serious all the time." She yelled right back at me. I started to panic how did she know about Danielle and me kissing. I felt horrible for yelling at her.

"Look Victoria I am sor-" I try to say but Harry cut me off.

"Listen mate i think you should leave" Harry said to me. Who did he think he was Victoria was my girlfriend not his so why did he think he had the right to tell me what to do. I got mad.

"I think you should stay out of the fight between and my girl" I said very angry right back to Harry. 

"I think i have the right to say something. I am Victoria's best friends and I'm pretty sure she would rather spend more time with me than with you." Harry said. Big deal he's her best friend, i don't care. If she wanted to be with Harry why wasn't she will his because she was with me. 

"Yeah, well remember something. It was obvious when you brought Victoria home that you liked her, Dude you had your chance but she picked me. Ok she liked me so back off Harry! Victoria is mine" I yelled at Harry. I knew that would get his really mad i could tell me had jealous whenever he saw me and Victoria together. Well grow up and find another girl one that is not mine. 

I looked at Harry and he was pissed off. He came closer to me and Hit me in the face, My nose started bleeding but that wouldn't stop me from getting up and messing this kid up. I was about to when Victoria yelled. "BOTH OF YOU GUYS STOP! JUST STOP!" I looked at her and she started talking. 

"Liam i did not appreciate you cheating on me and then accusing me and then telling my own best friend to back off, when all he was doing was protecting me. With you Harry you shouldn't have punched Liam that was wrong. You guys are friends and i don't want to ruin that!" I felt bad, 

"I'm sorry" Both me and Harry said at the same time. 

"I think you guys should leave. I'll text you Harry" Victoria said, i wanted to talk to Victoria so when Harry left it was just me and Victoria, 

"Victoria" i started saying something before Victoria cut me off. 

"Save it Liam, i don't want to hear it! You were my first boyfriend and you broke my heart and you come here and yell at me for hanging out with my friend, I just don't know if I can trust you again." She said sounding hurt. 

Before i left i had to tell her. 

"Victoria I LOVE YOU!" it was true I did love Victoria but at the same time i loved Danielle. What have i gotten myself into. 

A/N: Oh my Liam seems so mean. I could barley write it cause i could never imagine Liam ever doing something like that but he had to mean to fit in with the story. Comment below what you think.
Thank you for reading.




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