Family Secret

Victoria kelly is now 18 and is moving to England. She bumps into Harry and somethings happen from there. Is there a secret that is yet later to be shown you will have to read to find out.


19. Secret Revealed

Harry P.O.V.

"Well... what i'm saying is that Victoria here is your sister" My mom said. 

What the hell does she mean that she is my sister. 

"I no that you guys are probably confused right now but-" my mom was talking but i cut her off.

"What do you mean she is my sister my sister's name is Gemma" I said.

"Well the family she went with they didn't like the name Gemma so they changed it to Victoria and her name was changed to Victoria Kelly." My mom said. 

I was shocked then i remembered all the times me and Victoria kissed and then oh gosh that one time we almost had sex oh shit. 

"So your telling me that I'm dating my brother?" Victoria asked.
"And you are really my mom?" 

My mom just nodded. Then Victoria turned to me with disgust. 

"You mean i almost had sex with my sister" I said.

"You did what!?" My mom asked almost screaming. "You are way too young for that" 

"Mom im 18" I said trying to reason with her. 

"Well than you are too young" She said pointing at Victoria.

"But, i'm two years older than Harry" Victoria said, 

~ 10 minutes of freaking out after ~

Victoria P.O.V.

I can't believe that Harry is really my brother this is like the biggest shock to me. Then it hit me my parents lied to me why didn't they tell me that i was adopted, not cool. It was nice to met Ann- I mean my real mom. 

"It's okay Anne i understand why you gave me up" I said to her trying to calm her down after she had been so sad about giving me up.

"Please hunny call me mom but that's only if you want." Anne said. 

"Of course mom" I said. 

"So do you know who my real father is?" I asked her, She slowly shook her head. I just put my head down. 

"Well mom i think we should be going now" Harry said while standing up. 

"Okay well come visit after the tour and Victoria if you can come visit i really want to catch up with you" She said. I nodded and we were leaving i gave her a hug and i couldn't help but let a few tears fall. 

"Aww Baby don't cry" Anne said while holding me. i nodded and she gave a kiss on the head. Me and Harry left and i looked back at the house and the childhood that was always just a secret. Well i guess it will just be our Family Secret. 

                                                              THE END!


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