Family Secret

Victoria kelly is now 18 and is moving to England. She bumps into Harry and somethings happen from there. Is there a secret that is yet later to be shown you will have to read to find out.


16. Morning

Harry P.O.V.

It's been two weeks form the incident from Nandos and the waiter guy whatever his name was. Me and Victoria are more in love than you would ever think. Me and the boys were going to be leaving for our tour soon and I really wanted Victoria to come with us. I have to go over it with Paul, but i think it will be okay because when Paul met Victoria i could tell he liked her. I was really happy about that. I called Paul.

Harry: "hey Paul"

Paul: "Hi Harry do you need something?"

Harry: "erm... Yeah i wanted to know you know about us going on tour? can Victoria come please" I asked like a little kid.

Paul: "Fine Harry"

Harry: "Really?"

Paul: "Yes now go tell her"

I hung up the phone and i was kind of bored. I looked at the time and it was 10:00 am and my beautiful girlfriend was still sleeping, but i wanted her up. I went into me and Victoria's room and i saw her sleeping on the bed she was not a morning person i know that for a fact. I jumped on the bed sitting on Victoria and I started kissing her neck. I felt her move from beneath me and i saw her eyes flutter open. She started laughing.

"get off of me you fat ass" She said to me.  I gave her a sad face at the fact that she made fun of me. 

"Not going to work" i said to her. I was still on her and i started to kiss her face all over. She got up and pushed me off, Woah! this girl is strong. I looked up to see the smirk on her face. I gave her another sad face.

"Okay baby stop being so sad come here" She said to me, I went up to her and she wrapped me in a hug and then  i kissed her. 

"So what is it that you have to wake me up?" She asked me.

"I got bored and Louis is not up either." I said. She gave me another smirk. 

"Well than we better go wake him up." She said with the smirk still on her face. 

Victoria P.O.V.

I wanted to wake Louis up. We got Harry's phone and for some reason he has the song Friday by Rebecca Black. So we went into his room and we had speakers plugged into the phone and we blasted the music. 

"Friday, Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday" Me and Harry sand along really bad. Did i mention i could not sing at all, I'm a terrible singer i don't even know if you can call it singing but anyways. Louis woke up.

"But it's Monday" Louis said all annoyed. 

"And turn that crap off" Louis added in. Me and Harry started laughing. 

"Well now that I'm up im hungry" I said.

"You sound like Niall" Harry said. 

"Well we are food buddies." I said. 

Louis got out of bed and I noticed that he was only in boxers as well as Harry. What's with these boys and being naked all the time. Whatever boys will be boys and i guess I'll never know. I guess i was staring while I was in thought.

"Like what you see love?" Louis asked me.

I shook my head. "Sorry i was just thinking i guess i didn't realize i was staring." I said.

"Mmmhhm" Louis said like he was unconvinced. I walked over to Harry and hugged him.

"He is all i need right here" i said. Louis and Harry looked at me and i laughed and walked towards the kitchen. 

"Damn" I heard Louis said. I turned around.

"What?" I asked.

"Well the curly one over here probably won't be to happy but your ass looks so good and in those short shorts." Louis said with a wink at the end.

"Oh wow look who's liking what they see now" I asked with my eyebrow raised.

"you got that right" He said.

"hey Louis you might wanna stop staring at my girlfriends ass and go think about your girlfriend" Harry said.

"Oh yes when do i get to meet this lovely Eleanor of yours?" I asked.

"Well she is doing a model job in Paris right now and she wont be back for like another month." Louis said. 

I just nodded my head. I heard my stomach grumble so i walked out of the room and into the kitchen. I looked through the fridge and found some left over pizza from the other night. i took it out and started to heat it up and then i was eating when the boys walked in.

"Eating pizza for breakfast?" Louis asked while shaking his head.

"Well do any of you guys feel like cooking?" I said. 

"Pass the pizza over" both of them said, I chuckled and handed them a slice.

"Well what do you guys want to do today?" Louis said.

"I was thinking we go somewhere like a carnival or something.

I sat in my chair and i couldn't contain the smile that was on my face. I love rides and no one can take that away from me. Literly i would go on any ride i am not afraid. I nodded furiously. they both laughed at me.

"I'll go call the other boys to see if they want to come." Louis said while getting up leaving me and Harry. I looked over at him and gave him a smile. It was silence but i nice one. Louis had to ruin it by returning. I'm just kidding i love you Louis. 

"Well the boys said they were coming and Liam said he was bringing Danielle with him." Louis said. I actually wanted to meet Danielle i'll get the chance today i guess. I went to go get ready and it was quite warm outside so i wore denim short shorts, a red top that ties in the front, and my red TOMS. I left my hair which i have to say looked good it was in waves, I applied some mascara. I left the room letting Harry to get changed but as soon as i opened the door i was attacked by hugs and kisses down my face and neck. As good as it felt he had to get ready.

"Harry stop" I said while giggling.

"But you are just so hot and your giggling is just a turn on, Can't we just stay like this" Harry said.

"It's great that i am such a turn on to you but the boys will be here soon so go put some pants on." i said. 

After one final kiss he left and closed the door but i heard the doorknob to the next door open slowly and appearing a nice dressed Louis. 

"Hey Louis" I said.

"Ok this is not fair the shorts you were wearing earlier were short and these ones are even shorter it's not fair Harry is so lucky" Louis said.

I laughed at him and I heard a knock on the door. I went and opened it seeing Zayn and Niall, i went to go get Harry and when i turned around.

"Nice" I heard a very familiar Bradford accent. I looked back to see the the three boys nodding and staring at me. 

"Don't you guys have girlfriends?" I asked. Zayn and Louis put their heads down in shame, while Niall's hand shot right up.

"I'm single." He said,

"Well to bad I'm not" I said. 

Harry walked into the room fully dressed this time.

"Are you guys bothering my girlfriend?" Harry asked. The boys looked around while Harry grabbed my waist and pulled me closer and started to kiss me and I kissed him back. We didn't pull back until I heard one of the boys clear their throats. 

"So where's Liam?" i asked.

"He went to go pick up Danielle and he said that he was going to meet us there so we better leave now" Niall said. Everyone just agreed and i grabbed my bag and we left. 

A/N: I made a chapter but i am not to proud of it, it was a feeder chapter the next one will have some drama. Just comment what you think below thanks. Love you xxx 



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