Family Secret

Victoria kelly is now 18 and is moving to England. She bumps into Harry and somethings happen from there. Is there a secret that is yet later to be shown you will have to read to find out.


18. Meeting the Parents

Harry P.O.V.

Tomorrow we were leaving to go on tour and I was so excited that Victoria was coming. But before i left i wanted to visit my mom and I wanted Victoria to meet my mom. 

Victoria P.O.V.

Harry wanted me to go visit his mom. Don't get me wrong I was kind of nervous i mean what if she doesn't like me.

"Are you ready babe?" Harry asked me.

"Almost" I said.

I was wearing dark blue ripped skinny jeans, with a flowy blue top and light blue heels. I left my hair the way it was naturally curly and i put on some mascara and eyeliner and i was good. I walked over to Harry and he was dressed in black skinny jeans, a blue v-neck and blue converse.

I walked over to him and gave him a kiss on his cheek and i guess we was hoping for another kiss from the little pout on his face. I went back and gave him a kiss on the lips and i was going to pull back when he pulled me closer and kissed me harder. I pushed him back laughing.

"Harry we need to get ready you told your mom we would be there" I said.

"You right" He said,

"Of course i am I'm Victoria" 

~ After the car ride ~

I was outside Harry's house and i was starting to get really nervous.

"Calm down baby they will love you" Harry said,

"Fine but when we go on tour and we go to meet my parents we'll see how calm you are especially around my dad" I said to Harry. He just gave me a look. We walked up to the door and Harry opened it. Harry walked in and i followed closely behind him.

"MOM I'M HOME!" Harry yelled. His mom came out of the kitchen and whatever she had in her hand was suddenly on the floor when she saw me her eyes got wide.

"You found her" his mom said.

"Mom what are you talking bout this is my girlfriend, Victoria" Harry said.

"Girlfriend?" His mom asked very shocked. Harry just nodded his head really slow not really sure of the situation that was going on and frankly neither was I. 

"What's your name sweety?" His mom asked me.

"Victoria Kelly" I said. 

"Oh my it is you, you have grown up to be a very beautiful girl." She said.

"Oh thank you. your gorgeous too" I said back.

"Oh where's my manners my name is Anne" Anne said.

"Oh well it's very nice to meet you" I said.

"Wait i'm confused you said she has grown up to be a very beautiful girl mom do you know Victoria?" Harry asked. 

"Come sit down kids let me tell you a story." Anne said. 

"ok mom" Harry said. Harry took my hand and led me down to the couch and i sat with him. Anne came in after with a tray of tea in her hands. 

Harry remember when i told you about your sister Gemma?" Anne said.
I looked over at Harry to see him nodded his head slowly and he looked like he was holding in tears.

"You never told me you had a sister?" I said to Harry.

"Well i saw these pictures with my mom and a baby and i asked her who the baby was and she told me it was my older sister Gemma and she died she already had problems and then one day she passed away" Harry said and i could tell he was trying to hold in his tears. I held his hand and rubbed his back. 

"Well Harry i need to tell you something and it's about your sister" Anne said. Harry looked up to look at his mother. 

"When i was 16 i went clubbing and something happened and it turned out i was pregnant when i was 17 i gave birth to your wonderful sister Gemma and well I didn't really have a lot of money and i couldn't take care of my daughter alone so i did what i had to do and i gave her up for adoption but until i found the right family I kept her and that's where you see all the wonderful pictures of me and Gemma and finally the adoption place told me that they found a nice and wonderful family for her. I loved Gemma so much and i didn't want to let her go but I had to. After like a year i wanted to see her i visited the family and they told me that they moved to Canada and well.. what i'm trying to say is Victoria here is your sister..." Anne finished 

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