Hi! im haley!! comment ur name and fav band member of 1D and i will make an 'Imagine' for you!!!!!!! xxHaleyTomlinson <3


3. #2 for Isabella


              It was your first day of school at Wolverhampton. You were trying to find your locker when you feel a hand on your shoulder. You turned around and saw this really cute boy with a Justin Bieber hairstyle. He asked why you looked so lost. So you told him your new here. He said he would love to be your tour guide. After a year of knowing him you started to develop feelings for him. He secretly was too! One day he finally got the courage to ask you out! you obviously said yes. Now you have been dating for 5 years!! You are both out of high school. He asked you to a fancy dinner when you both were about to leave you turn to him and he is down on one knee and asked you to marry him:)!!!! You said yes and now you are happily married to the love of your life!<3

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