Hi! im haley!! comment ur name and fav band member of 1D and i will make an 'Imagine' for you!!!!!!! xxHaleyTomlinson <3


2. #1 for Katie


               You coming home from a stressful day at work. You walk in the door to be hugged and kissed by your boyfriend Louis Tomlinson. You have been dating for 3 years and never had one fight! When you were on your way upstairs Lou pulled you back and dropped down on one knee and said "Katie i love you and i always will, you are smart, funny, and beautiful. Will you do the honor of being my Carrot Queen? (wife)." of coarse you said yes!  *One year later in the marriage*

               You are now married to your wonderful husband Louis Tomlinson<3 You still never had one fight. You have 2 children,one boy and one girl. You named the boy Tommy (for Lou because he wanted to call his boy Tommy the Tommo Tomlinson) and the girl Jill Tomlinson. And they are wonderful, crazy, and energetic like Lou.




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