The Arranged Marriage With Styles

Minerva never thought that she would be married at the age of 20yrs old.
When her parents planned an arranged marriage for her after her trip to Australia how will she take it?


4. Who are you?

"well looks like she has amnesia" the doctor concluded after his check up. Harry couldnt believe it, he took a seat next to the door running his fingers through his hair nervously.

"isnt there something we can do, i mean there has to be something" the doctor placed a hand harrys shoulder to sympathize with him.

"im sure she will regain her memory she give it some time" Minerva sat in her room trying to figure out why the doctor was taking so much time with the guy.

The doctor finally walked back into the room to ask her a few question.

"now do you remember your name?" he asked her. as she shook her head. "your name is Minerva" he told her as she repeated it in her head. "my name is Minerva?" the doctor nodded, and called out to someone in the hallway.

"Minerva do you know who this is" the doctor asked as Harry walked into the room. She shook her head as Harry showed her his ring. "Im your husband" he told her. She stared at him in shook. "no way i know id never get married! especially to you" 

he pulled out the wedding picture which he kept in his wallet. "This is us on our wedding day" he explained to her, she grabbed the picture staring at it for a while and looked up at Harry when her head started to hurt again.

"dont try to hard to remember your memory will slowly come back, why dont you spend another night at the hospital and then head back home with your husband" the doctor suggested as she nodded.

"dont worry Minerva i'll help you get your memory back."

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