The Arranged Marriage With Styles

Minerva never thought that she would be married at the age of 20yrs old.
When her parents planned an arranged marriage for her after her trip to Australia how will she take it?


6. tour bus

" so why did you guys come over" Harry asked the boys who seemed to be making themselves at home, Niall was already going through the all of the food in the fridge while zayn and Liam were sitting in the living room playing Xbox.

" were suppose to go shot part two of the music video today! We came here to convince you to come since it would be boring if you weren't around" Louis explained without taking his eyes off the game Zayn and Liam were playing. " I can't leave Minerva alone!" Harry said looking back to her, she was helping Niall make some sandwiches. " why don't I just come along, I mean if that alright with the others!"

The boys didn't seem to mind at all. " that's actually a great idea! Well then now that, it's settled! It's my turn to beat Zayn! Liam give me the controller!!" Louis whined trying to take the controller away from Liam. " but it's my turn mate! Wait your turn!!" Harry walked over to Minerva and observed her for a few seconds.


" is there something on my face?" She quickly wiped her face hoping clean off whatever was on it. " no, are you really okay do come along? Do you feel alright? We can stay home if you want just say the word"    "  I'm fine don't let this little issue if mine get in the way of your career!" Niall pulled out his cellphone looking at the time, when he noticed a text message. " guys we have to go the bus is parked downstairs." The gang walked down as Harry helped Minerva down the stairs.

" Harry I'm fine don't worry" she didn't want his friends to worry as well and try to catch up to them. " what took you boys so long?" The tall man in the black jacket  asked them while they climbed up the bus. " grabbing food and planning a few games the usual" Liam explained, the man noticed Minerva and raised an eyebrow before he could say something Harry stopped him.

" don't worry Paul she's with me!"   " who is she?" He asked after she got in the bus. " it's his wi....I mean girlfriend!"Niall said with a wink as Minerva nodded. " hello I'm miverva !" Paul wasn't really buying all of this but went along with it. " nice to meet you I'm Paul" they shook hands, the tour bus was bigger in the inside the boys sat on the beds, while Liam offered a drink to Minerva. " no thanks I'm good" Harry grabbed her hand bringing her in the back of the bus. " it's going to be a long bus ride why don't you sit here with me.?" 

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