The Arranged Marriage With Styles

Minerva never thought that she would be married at the age of 20yrs old.
When her parents planned an arranged marriage for her after her trip to Australia how will she take it?


2. The hotel

  The couple headed down to a 5 star hotel where they had reserved a room for the week or more like their parents had. Once in their room Harry kicked off his shoes and laid on the bed taking off his bow tie. " wow I feel so much better now!"  She stood at the end of the bed crossing her arms. "Let's set some rules since we'll be living together. 1. No sex 2. no sharing bed sharing bathroom time" Harry raised his eyebrow and smirked he slowly moved out of bed walking towards her.

"What are you doing?" She mumbled slowly walking back until she was leaning on the wall. " really no sex? But I was getting so excited just thinking of it" he whispered in her ear as she pushed him off. " alright I'm just kidding" he said with a soft smile.

" you know I'd never hurt you right? I actually like you Minerva! And don't you ever forget that" she took a deep breath and tried to avoid eye contact with him. " I need to go change" she walked off to the bathroom and grabbed her suitcase her mother forget to put her pjs.

" hey" she screamed out of bathroom. " you know you could at least call me by my name instead of saying hey" his voice sounds very close like he was leaning on the door.

" Harry do you happen to have anything I could wear like a shirt or something?" He stood there shirtless with his boxer. " why are you half naked?" She stared at him without realizing it, he did really look good shirtless. " liking the view?" She quickly pulled back into reality.

" are you kidding? As if! That's...your...ehm.. Can you just lend me a shirt to sleep in" she asked him as he stood out of the bed walking towards her and handing her the shirt. " here" she grabbed it without looking at him, since her face with bright red. After quickly changing she walked over to the bedroom to realized it was one queen size bed, looks like they had to share the bed.

" if you do anything while I'm sleeping I'm going to murder you" she threatened him. " goodnight Minerva" he kissed her cheek and turned on his left closing his eyes. Maybe she was being too hard on him, I mean they were now officially married. The least she could do was to be nice to the guy, it wasn't her fault that she was stuck in this wedding.  She decided to sleep on the couch for the night.

   The next morning Minerva woke up and found herself sleeping on the bed. " why am I sleeping here?" She whispered as she noticed Harry dressed up and fixing his hair. " you kept falling on the floor last night so I slept on the couch and let you sleep on the bed" he explained to her. She smiled and got up. " thanks, I guess that was nice, where are you off to?" She asked him.

" I have a meeting with my manager" and with that he kissed her cheek. " if you need anything let me know" she watched him exit the hotel room, her parent had mentioned that he was in a boy band but with all the travelling she was doing in the past years along with the studying she didn't really have time to get updated on the latest entertainment.

Plus her wedding with Harry was kept in the down low the only ones who knew were their families and his company. Minerva got dressed and decided to head out when she noticed Harry phones near counter. " should I bring it to him?" She sighed and got dressed and grabbed the phone on her way out to bring it to him.

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