The Arranged Marriage With Styles

Minerva never thought that she would be married at the age of 20yrs old.
When her parents planned an arranged marriage for her after her trip to Australia how will she take it?


3. The accident.

Minerva noticed Harry had left behind his escalade car behind and luckily she had the keys with her, she hoped into the car and started the engine. As she drove on the highway her phone started to ring. "Hello?" 

"Hey sweetie do you want to come over for some brunch?" her best friends asked her. "Hey Casey cant I have plans maybe later?" 

"alright, call me later!" after ending the call she tried to do a u-turn but didn't notice the trunk coming towards her, the trunk honked and everything went blank.

she slowly woke up and noticed she was in a white room, she looked around to notice it was a hospital. what happened? she could recall how she got here. She tried to stand up but couldn't move since it was too painful. Minerva then noticed a figure laying next to the bed deep asleep, it looked like a young man. Maybe someone she knew? Whenever she tried to think she would get headache. "ouch." she mumbled.

The man slowly woke up and noticed her awake. "Hello?" she said staring at him, he couldnt even say a word and started to cry. "Your awake, im so happy" he whispered pulling her into a hug. "I'm sorry but your hurting me can you stop" he quickly pulled away wiping away his tears. "Im sorry its just youve been asleep for a week and the doctors didnt know when you'd wake up. How are you feeling?" he asked her, clearly he didnt noticed how confused she was. If was here by her side it had to be someone she knew. Maybe a friend? an ex? or even a lover?

"who are you?" she asked him.

his eyes grew wide open.

"Eh...DOCTOR?!!" he yelled.




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