The Arranged Marriage With Styles

Minerva never thought that she would be married at the age of 20yrs old.
When her parents planned an arranged marriage for her after her trip to Australia how will she take it?


5. Meeting the boys.

The next day he was back in the hospital along the side of her parents from what he had told her since she couldn't remember them either. " where are we going?" She asked him as her father was putting her bags in the car, "to our place" Harry said helping her into the car, luckily she had come out the accident with any major injuries.

" we live together?" He smiled at her taking a seat next to her in the back.


" of course silly were married, although we only spend one night together and it was in a hotel since it was our honeymoon" they drove around for a few hours until they stopped in front of a large high class condo. After taking all of her bags to her bedroom her parents bid their goodbyes. " if you ever need anything don't hesitate to call us sweetie we will always be there for you" her mother said kissing her forehead.


" that's right kiddo, if you remember the slightest detail call us!" It was nice to know her parents really cared about her she could help but to pulled them into a hug even though she couldn't remember them she knew that before loosing her memory she was very close with her parents. " I will" she promised them as they walked off. " are you hungry I made you some food" Harry asked her as he set up a table for her. " a little yes" maybe the married life wasn't as bad as she thought it was, plus this boy could really cook.


" this looks amazing" she took a bite of her pasta as he watched her eat. " aren't you eating too" she asked with her mouth full. " no I'm fine do you want more?" She nodded her head handing him her empty plate. " so do you have a job?" She asked him as he handed her the bowl.   " I do I'm part of a boyband were called One Direction!" She was married to a singer, now that's something she really didn't think would ever happen. " I'm in a band called one direction we've actually been preparing for our second album released but its been postponed" he walked over to the sink to wash the dishes. " I wanted to make sure you were alright so I took some time off to spend some time with you and help you regain you memory" she started to feel all warm inside.   " thanks but you should go to work" he took a seat next to her. " we're married and married couple take care of one and other"  just as they were talking someone knocked on their door.   " who is it?" Harry yelled out as he got up. "It's us"his eyes grew wide as he ran around the living room picking up everything that belonged to Minerva but he forgot that the door was unlocked so a group of boys walked in. Minerva wasn't too sure of what was going on.   " hey mate how's it going" one of them said with an Irish accent. " didn't know you had company are we interrupting something" another one had said.   " oh no! Hi! I'm Minerva" she gave a small wave as the boys surrounded her. " your very cute! Hopefully Harry wasn't being too flirtatious was he?" One of them asked as she shook her head. " nope he's actually being a really great husband!" The boys stood there in shock not sure to believe what they had just heard.   " Harry...husband?" Harry stood there nervously laughing. " surprise! Guys meet my wife Minerva" Harry introduced the boys to Minerva, she learned that they were his friends and band mate. And that they didn't know about the wedding since his management wanted it to be kept on a down low. " I can't believe you didn't tell us!" Zayn told him slightly hurt. " I'm sorry guys! I really wanted you guys to be there but the management refused." Louis wrapped his arm his neck. " next time you have a secret wedding just let us know!" He smiled and nodded. " I promise!"   Minerva watched the boys have their brotherly moment smiling to herself. "Minerva your really lucky this guy is a Keeper!"
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