The Arranged Marriage With Styles

Minerva never thought that she would be married at the age of 20yrs old.
When her parents planned an arranged marriage for her after her trip to Australia how will she take it?


1. Congratulations to the newelyweed

She couldn't believe it, it was actually happening.  Just a week ago after coming back home from her trip to Canada, her parents told her how she felt about getting married. After avoiding it and trying to convince her parents not to go through with it, they still made it happen.

She was getting married, and not only that it was an arrangement marriage with a guy she had never met but only knew about him was his first name and that he was a singer. She walked down the aisle with her arm locked with her father's. " I can't believe my baby is getting married. " he said trying not to cry. " we can always run for it dad I could be your baby girl forever" her pinched her cheeks which was his of saying she was being cute.

" I know you think this arranged marriage is horrible but trust me its great and this guy is really great plus he's nice" he whispered as they got closer to the front where he stood her father kissed her forehead and she went up the stage to stand next to her future husband. " we all gathered here to united this lovely couple Minerva Jones and Harry Styles" Minerva took a deep breath. "Harry  do you take Minerva to be your wife?" He looked at her smiling and nodded. " I do" the priest looked over to Minerva " and do you Minerva take Harry's as you husband?"

There was still time all she had to do is say no and embarrassing her parents in front of all their guest and ruin their life, along with hers. "N...I mean...yes"  the priest smiled as everyone watched excitedly. " I know pronounce you husband and wife you may kiss the bride"  Harry bends down to her height removing her vail leaning closer and kissed her, that was her first kiss. She tried not to cry and faked a smiled through all of it. 

She wanted it to be with someone she actually liked too bad it had to be with this guy. " congratulation to the new couple" everyone congratulated her as she slowly made her way out of the crowd until she felt a strong hand on her shoulder she turned out to find her Harry. " where are you going?" He asked her curiously.

" I need some air" she replied emotionless as she walked to the balcony he followed her. " I'm really glad we're married I mean its better than the other girl my parents choice for me who was rather weird" she raised her eye brow . " weird?" He leaned on the wall as she sat down on a chair. " she was into dead things like she had a collection of dead mice" she started to laugh which she didn't expect since she wasn't in a mood to laugh. " you know you look much nicer when you laugh instead of looking gloomy" he pointed out to her making her stop.

" look since where going to be living there we need to set some rules---" just then her mother walked towards them. " it's time for the new couple to dance to their first song" she grabbed their hands and pulled them on the dance floor, just then she slowly found herself dancing to her favourite song of John Mayer free falling. Just as they danced she heard Harry softly singing along. " you know this song?" He gave her a smirk. " how can I not? I like John Mayer" maybe just maybe it wouldn't be so bad to be married to him... She thought and they continued to dance as everyone watched them.  


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