Little Things

While taking a walk around town, Brittany bumps into someone she least expected. Will she fall for him?


3. Girl Talk

I walk into the diner and feel a cool breeze hit my face. I spot Hailey in the corner playing on her phone. I slide into the booth not wanting her to ask me a million questions.

"I ordered for you." She says still looking at her phone screen. "So who was that cutie you were flirting with out there?" She laughs.

I pause for a second thinking of what to say. I just couldn't keep this from her.

"His name's Harry. He was actually really sweet!"

"He was adorable. What did you guys talk about?!" She questions.

"Nothing really." I respond. "He bumped into me and I gave him my number." I reply.

"SO CUTE." She yells.

The waiter brings us our food. We sit and talk for what seems like 2 hours. Hailey was in the middle of telling me something when I felt my phone buzz. New text from an unknown number.

Unknown Number:

"Hey love, it's Harry. Can you meet me at the pier at 8 tonight? xx"

I quickly tell Hailey about it and her eyebrows go up and down several times.

"Stop." I say jokingly. "What should I say!?" I ask.

"Are you stupid? Say yes. I'll help you get ready." She says excitedly.

I respond as fast as I can...


See you then :)


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