Little Things

While taking a walk around town, Brittany bumps into someone she least expected. Will she fall for him?


4. 8:00

Me and Hailey arrive at my house as fast as possible.

"Hi mom." We say running up the stairs. My mom doesn't find it creepy in the slightest that Hailey calls her "mom" too.

"Why are you running!?" She says suprised.

"Britt's got a hot date tonight mom. She needs to get ready."

My mom just giggles.

"HAILEY I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR." I say panicking.

"Chill the fuck out." Hailey says grabbing my shoulders.

She grabs a cute pair of black skinny jeans and a pink tee shirt with a black and white plaid shirt. She then spots my red vans in the corner of my room.

"Bless your soul." I say picking up the clothes and running into the bathroom.

7:45. Crap. I give Hailey a long hug and run out of the door.



Hailey's P.O.V

I slowly make my way down the stairs and plop on the couch right next to Brittany's mom.

"So this boy Brittany's hanging out with he cute?" She asks.

"Lets just say you have nothing to worry about. From what Britt's told me, he's super sweet. I give my approval." She punches me in the arm and we both laugh. I decide to text Brittany right before she gets to the pier.


"Hey girl. Have fun tonight. And tell Harry hi for me. Love you :)"


"Love youuuuu! Thanks again :)"


Brittany's P.O.V.

I slowly walk along the wood looking down at my phone screen. I quickly text Hailey back. Just as I look up I see a curly haired boy leaning against the rail. I mentally prepare myself and walk up behind him. I reach my finger out and lightly tap his shoulder. I can already feel the butterflies.....

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