Cheater cheater Pumpkin eater

You and Niall were dating and he cheated on you with ????.

Liam is your brother he is protective of you.


4. Telling the Lads

You and Zayn went in and told the boys the all clapped except for Niall and Demi.

Niall's Pov.

I was so jealous of Zayn I know I have a gf but just a normal gf.Dani was a vampire and liam was a wolf they always stayed close to protect each other.they had to go because some of the vamp./wolf councle was coming.3 YEARS LATER
I have 3kids and Demi as my wife.

You and Zayn have 3 kids Jay,Molly,and Jason.2 dogs yellow lab Harley and a Greman Sheperd Trooper.

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