Cheater cheater Pumpkin eater

You and Niall were dating and he cheated on you with ????.

Liam is your brother he is protective of you.


2. Song

The next day you had all the windows open to keep it cool inside.Then you heard a guitar strumming "Give Your Heart A Break" and Niall was singing in the backyard.You went out to see him.After the song he said...

Niall-Dani I'm sorry please will you pretty please forgive me?

Dani-Niall?You know what.


Dani-I will only this time.


You guys went inside you got you basketball shorts,tank top,and running shoes and grabbed you IPod shuffle hooked it on your tank top stap and put on Live While Were Young and said/asked Niall...

Dani-Going for a run wanna come?im going to Nandos after to get a drink.

Niall-yep comming

You guys left and Niall ran into Demi.they both talked but you kept going.After a few steps you ran into Liam and you to ran together after 3 miles of running you noticed Niall wasn't with you and Liam ran to Nandos and saw Niall and demi eating toghether they kissed. You ran of Niall saw you and got up to run after you.liam stopped him and demi said Don't hurt him!
Liam grabbed Niall's wrist and said...

Liam-Dude!What the heck?


Liam-Your cheating on my sister!

Niall-yes:'(Demi and I were talking I saw you running with dani.Demi and I got Hungary
so we came here.

Liam-you guys KISSED!!!

Niall-oh ya:'(

Liam-Didn't Dani say that if that happend again you were over?

Niall-yes:(wait what we're over?

Liam-yep.sorry man


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