Somebody that I used to know (On hold/ under construction.)

Lou left years ago to live his dream, leaving Adeline behind in there small home town. After 3 and 1/2 years apart, Adeline and Louis meet again but not in the best way possible. One mistake mixes their whole world up for a decline time until fate throws them back together. Again. Find out what happens when you meet somebody that you used to know.


7. chapter 7

"Ello love nice to see you again." Harry smiles cheekily at me.

"Mine to see you to Haz." I grab my peppermint hot chocolate and hand harry his pikes place coffee and we take a seat at one of the small tables.

"So whats new?" I ask sweetly.

"Not much just working on our 3rd album how about you?"

"Running a security agentsey, doing a spot of backround dancing and just trying to stay sain ." I joke. He nods with his dimpled smile.

"So you have a boyfriend?" he winks at me and I roll my eyes.

"Yeah...he's a doctor, you might remember him as that random guy that took me to the hospital about a year ago." he nods and down casts his eyes slightly.

"Lou is sorry he's been a wreck ev-" I hold up my hand and shake my head at him.

"I'm over it and I don't really care any more. I have pretty much forgiven him and I don't have anymore reminders of him except for the fact that I can't go through metal detectors because I have a metal pin in my jaw." I give him a tight liped smile. 

"Fine. Sooooo you look good." I laugh and sip my hot chocolate. I let my blond hair grow out again so it touched the middle of my spine. I found that it crips it's self and looks very hipster so I use it to my advantage. I have a pair of destresed, black, high-waisted shorts and a low cut, flowing white tank top that I tucked in. I also have a pair of rose petal fish-net-tights legs and fold over combat boots that were haistly pulled over my feet. I finished up the bold outfit with a long sleeve azteck coverup and a light brown wrap around head band that hugs my forhead nicely. My plain make up had been exchanged for gold eyeshadow and a black cat eye with the perfect shade of red lipstick. I was holding onto the last breath of the warmest fall on recounrd before London turned into a winter wonderland. I adjust my river island red tapistrey sachel and smile at Harry.

"Thanks styles you don't look so bad your self." We chat about anything and everything including my look..

"So your what 21 now?" he asks.

"20." I correct.

"So whats up with the hipster look?" he asks the question that I knew was coming.

"I'm just expressing my self through my clothes and letting the world know I don't give a care." I wink at him and we continue our conversation.

"So you told me you were going to love me when we met for coffee so I'm wating." he whines at me.

"Fine I love Harry Styles." I hear a ackward cough and I look over Harry's black tshirt covered shoulder and see Louis and Eleanor. I narrow my eyes and stand.

"Well I need to go, dance practice to attend and what not." I smile at Harry sweetly and bolt out the door with out another word.

"Adline wait!" Oh my God why is Lou following me?

I felt strong arms wrap themselves around my waist, stoping me from smacking my face into the ground. I had triped over something someone had caught me before i broke my face. I heard a deep voice chuckle and at that moment I knew it was Louis. I was pull to my feet and I looked up for a second and confirmed my suspitions, I was right... it was Louis bloody Tomlinson.

(As/N: Hey sorry for the waite...Just really busy right now but with the help of Cmarshmellow things are moving along a lot faster so There will be some more chappies ASAP. Much love,

                                              Different<3 & Cmarshmellow)



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