Somebody that I used to know (On hold/ under construction.)

Lou left years ago to live his dream, leaving Adeline behind in there small home town. After 3 and 1/2 years apart, Adeline and Louis meet again but not in the best way possible. One mistake mixes their whole world up for a decline time until fate throws them back together. Again. Find out what happens when you meet somebody that you used to know.


6. chapter 6

  (As/N: Hey you guys!!! Me and Cmarshmellow are now working together on the Fanfic!! I'm happy and this is our first chapter as a team so I hope you like it!)                                      

                                         *1 year later*
Well, life is really funny right now. I can't get Louis out of my head, I don't if it is because I am starting to fall for him again, or because he's on every billboard in this city. Did i mention I moved? Well i did. After Louis and the rest of the boys went on tour, i moved out and am now living happily in Leeds and am A head security consultant for Great Britain's top security agency. Looks like collage came in handy after all! I moved in with Seth, The doctor, and we have a decent flat.
Getting over Lou is hard and I'm still working on it but Seth is a great distraction. Well Louis seems to have done a good job of getting over me since he is back with Eleanor, i guess they really hit it off because there are rumors about them being engaged. I guess I'll find out the truth tonight since apparently they will be saying whether or not the rumor is true on their youtube Twitcam(? I think the boys are more likely to do a Twitcam cause that's their 'thing') tonight. Yes know that, I know because after I found out I had to know. I mean, I love Seth and he's amazing and sweet and takes care of me and spoils me to death but, as hard for me as it is to say this, I still have feeling for Lou. I mean you don't stop loving someone after knowing them your whole flacking life!
Seth is out late tonight picking up a 9pm to 3 pm shift so he'll never know that i'm watching the Twitcam. I slowly open Twitter because there's still 10 minutes until it begins. I check my feed and send a tweet.
@HeytheDelilah: Home alone cause my babies at work :(
The twitcam begins and I hold my breath. I brush my fingertips over the familiar features of Louie. Same sexy bed head hair, same bit of stubble, same blue eyes. I let out a small sigh but mentally slap myself. You love Seth not that bastard Lou who broke your jaw.
“Hi were One Direction.” say the boys in unison.
“So rumors have been going round that me and my girlfriend Eleanor are getting married.” starts Lou. “And i’m sorry to say that me and Eleanor are not engaged.” I release the breath I did know I had been holding and text Harry.
TO: Hazzbear: FROM: Delilah
Hey whts up?
I see Harry pick up his phone and smile.
“WHo’s that?” asks Liam.
“No one.” I let out a laugh.
TO: Delilah :FROM: Hazzbear
I’m good, just in the middle of a twitcam. U watching?
T:Hazzbear : F: Delilah
Yah I am... Do something funny 4 me Hazzy... I’m board.”
I see Harry start to make funny faces at the camera. I laugh out loud when he lick Nialls elbow. Niall backhands him and I laugh even harder.
T: Delilah : F: hazzbear
The things I do for U... ;P
T:Hazzbear : F: Delilah
Did I ever tell u how much I love U?
T:Delilah : F:Hazzbear
Not nearly as many times as I would like... Meet me at starbucks for coffee and breakfast tomorrow and U can tell me some more ;D
T:Hazzbear : F:Delilah
U Cheeky devil, Yeah lets get Coffee around 10ish. Bye Hazza
T: Delilah : F:Hazzbear
Thats 1 of the many things they call me & 10 sounds good, Bye love.
Harry waves bye at the camera and I shut down my Macbook.. I change into my PJ’s and drift of to sleep as soon as I hit my pillow.






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