Somebody that I used to know (On hold/ under construction.)

Lou left years ago to live his dream, leaving Adeline behind in there small home town. After 3 and 1/2 years apart, Adeline and Louis meet again but not in the best way possible. One mistake mixes their whole world up for a decline time until fate throws them back together. Again. Find out what happens when you meet somebody that you used to know.


4. chapter 4

             Everyone but Louie turns around because he’s distracted by his. His. His girlfriend. Harry jumps up and runs up to me and grabs my shoulders.
“A is that you?”
“Yah it is.” He pulls me into a hug and I wrap my arms around his neck and we squeeze each other tightly.
“What have you done to your hair?” Harry pulls at a strand of my hair.
“I cut it off because its less work .” I swipe at some tears forming in my eyes when I see Louie kiss El on the cheek.
“Oh babe come here. Harry grabs my hand and tells the boys to keep Vicky company. We walk out of the room and down the corridor. Harry pulls me into an alcove and onto his lap.
“It’s going to be ok, Shh.” Harry rocks me back and forth on his knee while stroking my hair softly as i cry softly into his shoulder.
“I did even know we were coming to you concert until last minute, Harry I really didn’t want to come. I even threw up in the parking lot i was so nervous. And then to see them together. Well I just cracked.”
“Oh Honey he’s not worth any of your tears.” Harry coos into my ear.
“Thats the thing! we were friends for 8 whole year and then he just up and leaves me for her!” Harry just nods slowly and swears under his breath.
“I’m going to kill him.”
“Because he said that you broke up with him.” I shake my head no.
“I would never have done that to him! Harry I loved him.” Harry sighs and pick me up and onto his back .
“Stay here.” Harry disappears into the bathroom and come out a minute later with a wet paper towel. He wipes under my eyes the kisses the top of my nose.
“Cheer up love! Lets go show him what he’s missing. We walk back into the room and I smile at Louie.
“Nice t see you again Loui. How have you been?”
“G-good.” whispers Louie like he’s seen a ghost. I sit down in between Harry and Vicky. and Harry throw an arm around my shoulder.
“Harry yo do realize i’m too old for you right?”
“Why haven’t you heard? I like older women!” I smile and Vicky lets out a giggle. I glance at Louie threw my bangs and see him sitting the all pale and stone faced. Good he should be nervous. We chat up until 10 minutes before the concert when Louie stands up and ass to speak to me in the hallway in private. I just nod and Harry gives me these ‘I told you so’ eyes. I ignore them and follow Louie into the hall.
“What the hell are you doing here?” asks Louie angrily.
“Oh save it Tommo, does it really matter what i’m doing here? I’m just best friends with a Directioner thats all. And besides I did know I was coming until we go here so chill. You’re not the only one that doesn’t want me to be here.” I cross arms over my chest and give him the evil eye.
“I missed you.” Says Louie more softly. I scof and roll my eyes.

“If you hadn’t broken up with me that wouldn’t be an issue now would it?”
“I’m sorry.”
“Yeah well its a little too late for that. Try 2 years too late.” Louie wipes some tears out of his eyes and stares and my bracelet. I shove my hands into my pockets but Louie pulls my right wrist out and examines it. I yank my wrist away and say:
“You have no right to touch m-” Louie pull me into a hug and I go ridged. I press my arms to my sides and don’t say anything.
“I so, so, so sorry Adline.” he hangs his head and his tears drip onto the solid black floor. I step back and shake my head in disappointment.
“I don’t know why you’re even crying”, I sneer. “You broke up with me remember?”, “You're the one who left ME! You broke my heart and I bet you didn’t know that I haven’t had a boyfriend in 2 years. Ha! But like you even care. And no i’m not the one who wanted to come to night!” I throw my hands in the air and go on. “You never loved me and you never gave me a reason for breaking up with me!” Louie shakes his head.
“Thats not true I loved you more than the world, I would have given the band up for you.” I want to tell him that i don’t believe him but for some reason I do. My bottom lip quivers but i bite it to keep it still.
“And Tom- Louie, you need to get over me. You broke up with me you didn’t want to be with me in that way, let alone to just be friends. You have a girlfriend that you love more than me, a girlfriend that you loved enuff to go out with a week after we broke up.”
“Adline please stop.” whisper Louie
“No! this is all you fault-”
“I said please!”
“No! you brought this upon yourself-” Louie does something that he has never done to me all the time i’ve known him. He slaps me across the face. My world shatter apart as i fall to the ground, clutching my throbbing check .
“Oh my god Adline i’m so sorry oh god.” he reaches for me but i scramble backwards and into a pair of legs.
“What the bloody hell have you done Louis!” yells Harry. Liam wraps his arms around my body and pick me up and starts to carry me away. Just as he pulls me into the dressing room I see Harrys fist connect with Louies jaw.
“Are you ok Adline? Where did he get you?” Asks Liam. I realise were in the bathroom and not the dressing room so i stand up.
“I’m fine, I-I just need to go home thats all.” I walk to the mirror above the row of sinks and examine the damage. my cheek is red and my eye is turning purple.
“Adline has he ever done that to you before?”
“If you mean hit me then no, hes never laid a hand on me in all of the years i’ve known him. He sure as hell has pissed me off but he’s never hit me.” Liams quiet so I sober up. My training has taught me to never show emotions so I harden my face and apply some cover up and lipy.
“Be fine Liam. A bruise never killed anyone. And besides you should be out there making sure that Harry doesn’t kill Louis.” Liam straightens up.
“Good idea!”
“And Liam!”
“What is it Adline?”
“Don’t tell Eleanor. She doesn’t need to know this ever happened. Just pretend that I was never here.” Liam nods and disappears into the hallway. I walk out and grab my purse and jacket. Without a second look back i walk out into the pouring rain and to the bus stop. 

(A/N: Hey guys I cried while is was righting this chapter. Her whole word was shatered with on touch. Where is she going and whole will she meet on this bus?


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