Somebody that I used to know (On hold/ under construction.)

Lou left years ago to live his dream, leaving Adeline behind in there small home town. After 3 and 1/2 years apart, Adeline and Louis meet again but not in the best way possible. One mistake mixes their whole world up for a decline time until fate throws them back together. Again. Find out what happens when you meet somebody that you used to know.


14. Chapter 14

                    (A/N from Different: OMG soooo for not updating. I feel so bad and I'm soo sorry an I love you guys for sticking with me. As y'all saw I was off for a whole but I found a way to put in a couple sneeky chappies :) I finally figured out how to update from my iPod because I STILL don't have a computer :( plan on some shit going down and I hope y'all keep reading, much love and a massive thank you- love Different214)
I kick out of my elbow stand and run across the room into a side leap. I pull into a grace full needle then spin 12 times in-a-row. I finish of the routine by death dropping to the floor, and brace my head for the impact. I hear the director yell cut and claps flood the room. I'm currently filming a “just dance.” Commercial for national dance day. Out of well over 20,000 dancers they chose me and I just complete my final take. I fix my curled hair that is pinned back in the front with 3 black bobby pins that had 1 large-ish diamonds on the end of each of the bobby pins. The dance was lyrical with some acrobatics. Dice I had to be able to move in my costume they put me into a teal and light green dress made up of soft satin and and I fine layer of tool. The skirt of the dress when to mid-thigh and had little faux diamonds interlaced onto the skirt. The thin straps cut into my shoulders and the sweetheart neckline revealed very little-thank God.
“Well danced my dear.” The director named Sean Marc patted my shoulder and I shot him a grin.
“Thanks it felt good.” He nods and I walk to the dressing building. There were 30 or so rooms/ studios/ sets in this lot but they all had to go to the same 4 story building to get makeup and costumes done. The billing director hands me my check and I pass to get a ride back to the costume hut as everyone called it. I got into a dark blue golf cart and the man drove to the hut. I thanked the man and padded into the building, tape still wrapped around the balls of my feet. I pull up my ankle tights and slip on my Adidas slip ons with gel on the part of the shoe were your foot rests. I stroke down the hallway and slip into the lift, pressing the 4th floor button. I close my eyes and stretch a bit. The lift suddenly stops but the lights stay on. I throw open my eyes only to see a smirking Louis Tomlinson.
“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!?” I yell at Lou but his cheeky smile only grows.
“Oh come on Addie give lou bear a hug.” He opens his arms and I just cross my arms over my rapidly beating heart. In all honesty I did want to hug him, may even kiss him. Fat chance. My dumbass inner voice puts in.
“Louis Tomlinson, what are you doing here?” He meets my eyes and closes the small space between us.
“The boys and I have an interview and no I didn't plan this.” His mint breath danced across my face and I could smell his honey and Yorkshire tea smell. His grin never faulted as he pressed his hands on either side of my head.
“Tommo no-” I'm cut of by the crash of Lou's lips on mine. I'm surprised and it takes me a moment to realize what going on. I finally close my eyes and snake my arms into his hair, pulling me closer to him. He smirks into the kiss and wraps his hands around my waist. I drag my hand thru his hair and snuggle into his body. His tongue drags across my bottom lip, asking for interince. I open my lips slightly and he pops his tug in. I don't put up a fight and just let him take the lead. His long fingers drag up the back of my thigh and I shiver, sniping out of the haze that was covering my mind. I pull away and smack Lou on the cheek lightly.
“I can do t-this.” I let some tears escape my eyes and I cowered away from a hurt looking Lou

“P-please start the lift.” I cry and Lou takes a minutiae to respond. When he finally responds my make up is ruined and my nerves are frayed beyond repair.
“I'm sorry.” Louis calls quietly as U run out of the lift. What had I done? What was I going to do? I needed some stability in my life, like Seth. Unlike Seth, Louis was constantly in and out of my life and wasn't as trustworthy as Seth was. I loved Seth and hated how Lou made me feel... Didn't I? Go I just needed a break from all this craziness. I got back to my little dressing room and changed into my lacy black knickers and the matching strapless bra. As I pull on my tight fitting light blue tank top and 3 quarter length sleeved black and navy blue blazer, when my phone rings
We were on fire, now were frozen there's no desire, nothing's spoken'
My ringtone sings the cabs ‘temporary bliss’
“Hey babe!” Chirps Seth.
“Hey Seth what's up?” I ask.
“Not much, just got done with a surgery and wanted to see if you were done with work.” I smile to myself and reply that yes, I'm done for the day.
“Great! Wanna go out for dinner around 7:30ish?”
“Yeah I'd live that.” I reply, feeling more and more guilty with every word.
“Great baby i’ll meet you at home.”
“Bye.” I mumble.
“Bye.” He replies and I sigh. I'm screw.


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