Somebody that I used to know (On hold/ under construction.)

Lou left years ago to live his dream, leaving Adeline behind in there small home town. After 3 and 1/2 years apart, Adeline and Louis meet again but not in the best way possible. One mistake mixes their whole world up for a decline time until fate throws them back together. Again. Find out what happens when you meet somebody that you used to know.


11. Chapter 11

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I stole my bros' computer for the night so heres a short chapter! Much love :)   -Different_214

      I pushed my self from the stemy shower and towl dried my body down. I pulled a simple black,  longsleved dress over my head (BTW it was Made out of lace). The skirt of the dress ended 2 inches above the knee and puffed out just above my hips. Tonight was my moms "Party", if you could call it that. It was just going to be me, My mum, Louis, Lou's mum, Eleanor his girlfriend, Seth my boyfriend, and Hazza, who had agreeded to play refferie incase Lou go "out of hand".  I finish the look with a powder pink bowler hat, a fat but plain brown belt and a pair of poweder pink, suede, balletflats. I curled my blond locks to a messy perfection and put a line of black under my blue-green eyes. I skiped the eyeshadow but curled my eyelashes to they would look bigger with out using false ones.

       I steped out of the bathroom when I heard the door bell ring. I ran down the stairs while boby pinning my hat into place. I opended the door to find Harry and Seth taking about God knows what.

" Come in, come in." I smiled and hugged both of the lads and let Seth give me a long kiss on the lips.I smiled at my mum. She wasn't a skinny woman like most of the mums her age but I love her and she was perfect to me. She wore a calf lenght navy blue skirt and a white sweater with her hair slightly wavy.

       Harry was in a Navy blue blazer and a white button up dress shirt and a navy blue bo-tie, as well as some tan chinos. He rarely dressed in his signture "Look" but from time to time you could see him in his 'Directinor approved' atire. My handome Seth had on a black blazer that fitted his toned body perfectly along with a white dress shirt black slacks and a pink tie that matced my outfit nicley.

        When Louis and company arived I was suprised to see that his girl friend Eleanor wasn't on his arm, only his Mum.

"Your girl couldn't make it." I smile at him pittifuly.

"Yep she's at a photo shoot for teenvoges fashion week." he smiled smugly.

"What ever just come in Tommo it's freezing." I shut the door behind them and took there jackets and hug them up with the others. I already could here Lou and Harry talking loudly in the  kitchen and jay and my mum exchanged pleaentries. Seth pulled  my into his arms and we watched the evning unfold forsomewere arounf 5 minutes before sitting down. This was going to be a long nigh. (BTW Jay looks stunning in a long purple tunic and a pair of  black dress pants!) 

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