Somebody that I used to know (On hold/ under construction.)

Lou left years ago to live his dream, leaving Adeline behind in there small home town. After 3 and 1/2 years apart, Adeline and Louis meet again but not in the best way possible. One mistake mixes their whole world up for a decline time until fate throws them back together. Again. Find out what happens when you meet somebody that you used to know.


1. chapter 1

         “Come on Lou thats not funny!” Lou, My best friend, has taken my makeup bag again and I need to get ready for school.
“No! you don’t need it.” He yes in response. I hide my smile and yell:
“Yes I do i’m ugly without it.” I jump on his back and tug on his hair.
“You’re beautiful to me please, this one time, Leave it of?” He asks this more like a question rather than a demand.
“Fine just give me my makeup bag.” I kiss his cheek and take the bag. He looks surprised so i take this opportunity to run to the bathroom and i lock the door.
“You’re so cheeky!” yells Louie through the door. I roll my eyes and let my blue eyeliner glide over my eyes. My names Adline Harrings. I’m 17 and my bestfriend Louis is 18 so he’s a year older. were both in grade 12 but i’m the youngest in our year. I have straight blond hair the I curl and blue-green eyes. I’m 5’7 and too skinny for my own good as Louie sees it. We live in Doncaster, Great Britain. I dance and Louie sings. I finish by packing midnight black mascara onto my light blond lashes. I tuck in my white button down shirt into my Black skinny jeans and slip on my gray combat boots. I unlock the door and pull it open. Louie falls backwards arms flailing.
“Hahaha!” I laugh and he reaches out for my hand. Stupidly, I grab his hand and he pulls me down on top of him.
“What now Ad?” or face are inches apart and Louie flips me over and underneath him. I bit my lip and say;
“I don’t know what do you want me to do?” he gives me a cheeky smile.
“Kiss me.” Louie reaches down slowly and just as he’s about to kiss my lips I turn my head and he kisses my cheek. . I laugh and he tries again holding my head still this time. Our lips connected and the kiss grows more and more heated. I wrap my legs around his waist and stick my hand into his long hair. He pick me up and presses me up against the bathroom wall squeezing my bum.
“Remind me again”, pants Louie husky. “Why you won’t be my girl friend.” I just smile and shake my head. Louie has asked me to be his girlfriend 3 time in the past 7 years but I just don’t want to ruin our friendship.
“You know why. And besides you're leaving for the X Factor today.” He nods and sighs.
“that Fine just as long as you keep letting me kiss you.” I nod and pull him in and we kiss again. I pull away and slowly pull out of his arms. Louie looks like someone shot him but i just brush out my hair and pick up my purple Jansport backpack and give Louie one last kiss. And we walk to school, his arm wrapped around my neck and my hand around his waist.
(A/N: Hey my lovelies this is my new story is just starting as my other one is ending. Go and check it out i hope you like this one as much as I hope you liked the other one. This does take place before the Boys started while one direction was being formed! I hope you love it and go check out my other story called ‘Nothings gonna be the same’ Well..., Bye bye now!

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