All The Little Things

This is my second movella. Im making it at the same time at the first. So don't get confused!


3. School

Olivia's P.O.V:

I pulled out of Niall's grasp, wiping my tears. Today was my last day of suspension. "Um, I'm going to go get some breakfast." I whispered. I slowly walked downstairs. Wow. I'm so confused right now. I grabbed some nutela and a piece of toast. As I was eating, walked over to the music room. I finished my toast and grabbed a piece of music. It was My Heart Will Go On from the Titanic. I started to play. After getting lost in the music, I noticed that something felt wrong. I stopped playing and noticed Niall watching me. My face turned red with embarassment as I realized he witnessed my whole song being played. I looked down. "You're fantastic." He said with an amazed look. "Thanks." I whispered. "Will you play me something?" He asked. I nodded. I was going to play When I Look At You. I memorized it. I started to play. Niall came closer sitting on the edge of the piano bench. I finished a couple minutes after. We didn't say anything to eachother. He picked up my letter on the piano. "A letter from Julliard?" I nodded. "They said they have been watching me since I was five." "Are you going?" He asked. "No." I answered quietly. "What! Why not?" A tear escaped from my eye. "I don't play for anyone anymore." I answered half crying. "Why?" Niall asked softly. "A couple years ago my parents drowned in a boating accident. My parents were the only ones I played for." I started to quietly sob. "But you're amazing." He whispered in my ear. I stood up. "I should probably finish some homework. Since I wasn't at school for a couple of days." I said as I headed up to my room. I didn't come out for the rest of the day.

I woke up to my alarm clock singing Island In The Sun. My favorite song. I like summer songs. I haven't been in the water really though. With my parents drowning and everything. I got up and put on my uniform while listening to One Original Thing. (another favorite) I walked out to my small blue convertible and drove to school. Whe I walked in I noticed a bunch of people smiling at me and talking to me. "What's going on?" I asked Erin. "They all love you! You broke Kyra's nose!" I laughed at her. I felt a bit bad for what I did. I went through ally my classes. In my last period of the day, my phone rang. It was Niall.

Phone Conversation:

Niall: Olivia?!

Me: Niall, what's wrong?

Niall: I'm outside your school. We need to go to the office now!

Me: I'm on my way!

"Mrs. Hush, I need to leave." I yelled as I ran out of the room. Niall's car was parked right outside of the school. I jumped in. We headed to the office. Once we were out, we ran straight to the recording studio. "Why are we in here?" I asked. "Because we gonna make a song. Simon told me you have a great voice." I blushed. "It's okay. I'm good." I said shyly answered backing up slowly. He grabbed my hand and brought me towards the piano and handed me a piece of music. "Can you play this?" He asked. I looked at the sheet music. It was titled Little Things.

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