I'll Be Your Romeo

Samantha Levine hates One Direction. Well, not hate, she doesn't know much about them. It's more of a strong dislike.I mean, who can obsess over man-whorish, carrot-loving, boring, vain, hungry, boys? Plus, the one song she's heard of them is kind of annoying and whiny. But when the boys come knocking on Sam's door, what will happen? Read to see if Sam can change her feelings for these 'special' boys.


8. Chapter 7

I walked home quietly in the bitter cold of November, shivering under my thin black and white jacket. "Oh, Sammie! Sam!" I heard Connor taunt.

I run as quick as I can in the direction of my house, but with my ususal grace, I tripped up on the concrete, causing a skinned knee, along with my other injuries.

Connor and his cronies, Ethan and Luke, held me down on the ground as I squirmed around, trying to get up.

"Just let me go!" I screamed through clinched teeth. The three boys just laughed, as Luke punched me in my stomach. I held the tears back. I wouldn't give them the pleasure of seeing my cry.

I cried out, as they slapped and punched me every place possible.

"HELP!" I shouted. "Please, help." Everything blacked out.



I woke up to an annoying 'beep'ing noise. I groaned as I opened my eyes to five boys. I cowered in fear and sqeezed my eyes closed, thinking that they were the crew.

"Shh, shh. It's only us babe. You're alright." I slowly untensed myself, and opened my eyes to find a mess of curls and green eyes looking down at me. Oh good, it's only Harry, I thought.

"Where am I?" I asked, as Harry sat down in a chair next to my... bed?

"You're in the hospital. We were driving and we saw you on the sidewalk, all beaten up." Liam says.

"My head hurts." I groan, letting my head fall back on the pillow.

"I'll go get the doctor." Zayn said, Liam following behind.

"Hey Harry, can I talk to you outside?" Niall asks. "Yeah, sure mate." Harry replies.

And cue awkward silence.

"Alright Sammie, I know why you're hurt. All of us do, but we made up some excuse for Niall; he'd go mad and kill those boys." Louis stated, leaving me gobsmacked. How did Louis find out. "Haha," I chuckled nervously, "I have no idea what you're talking about." Louis sighed, "Those three went to court, and you'll have to also soon. We made sure you're getting a restraining order." "Thank you." I whispered as he sat in the chair closer to me, holding me hand. "It's happened for two years."

My eyes filled with tears and Louis kissed my forehead as Niall stepped in the room with Harry.Louis pulled back, and I saw the hurt in Niall's eyes as he turned on his heel, as he stormed out.I tried to get up, but Harry pused me down, hurting a bruise. I moaned in pain."I'm sorry Sam, but you can't get up. Doctor's orders."

"But Niall! It'll only be a minute-""No Sam. Let it go. We'll find him and the rest of the boys and you talk alone." Louis interuppted.I sighed, and watched the two boys leave the room. Ugh, what did I do?

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