I'll Be Your Romeo

Samantha Levine hates One Direction. Well, not hate, she doesn't know much about them. It's more of a strong dislike.I mean, who can obsess over man-whorish, carrot-loving, boring, vain, hungry, boys? Plus, the one song she's heard of them is kind of annoying and whiny. But when the boys come knocking on Sam's door, what will happen? Read to see if Sam can change her feelings for these 'special' boys.


7. Chapter 6

It's been three days. THREE DAYS! Three days since Niall left. Three days wasted, as I'm still not sure if I like him. Three days since I haven't heard from him. Three days wondering if I typed my number in wrong. Three days praying he'd call me.

I have to go to school this morning, so I get up and pull on some nice clothes; a Irish flag t-shirt, jeans, and my favourite old Converse, which I've owned for years and thay have rips in them. I brush my teeth after eating a granola bar and a glass of milk.

I step out the door, but go back inside, realizing I'd forgotten everything I was supposed to bring. I grab a jacket, as it's so chill though it's only Novemeber.

I walk to school catiously, hoping not to meet the crew. I let my guard down after a few minutes and hear, "Hey, Sammie!" I run from the scene, hoping they wouldn't see me. Soon, I was out of breath when a car pulls up next to me.

Niall. "Why'd you run Sam?" Niall chuckles. "I, er.... thought it was somebody else."

Niall furrows his eyebrows at me. "Who?" "We agreed to talk about that when the week was over."

"Okay, whatever. Hop in, I can give you a ride to school."

"Uhm, alright." I walked around to the other side of his car, and stepped in. The awkwardness grew as Niall drove on.

"How come you never called me Nialler?" I said pretending to pout. "I was with my family and the boys so often I forgot, if you must know Sammie." He said, poking my cheek. I laugh, and he says, "I know this is a bit odd and random but... how about going on a date with me Friday night. And we can hang out later this week." Niall smiles down at me.

"Uhm, s-sure." I stuttered. "I'd love to."

"Great! See you later Sam!" Niall said as he kissed my cheek when we pulled up to the school.

I stepped out of the car, and smiled to myself as I walked into my school.


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