I'll Be Your Romeo

Samantha Levine hates One Direction. Well, not hate, she doesn't know much about them. It's more of a strong dislike.I mean, who can obsess over man-whorish, carrot-loving, boring, vain, hungry, boys? Plus, the one song she's heard of them is kind of annoying and whiny. But when the boys come knocking on Sam's door, what will happen? Read to see if Sam can change her feelings for these 'special' boys.


5. Chapter 4

I wake up with a tear-stained face, still cuddled up to Niall. I smile to myself and move closer to him, taking in his warmth. For a cold day in November, I felt pretty warm. I close my eyes and just hope I can hang out with Niall often, even though I know this'll be his last day staying over at my house.

Niall's P.O.V.

I was just laying there, awake in the morning, thinking about Sammie. I loved her being in my arms. Her arms were prssed up agaisnt my chest, while I wrapped mine around her. I felt only one word- amazing.

But what about her though? She probably doesn't like me. I'll find out soon, I think I might ask her out once we get to know eachother better.

I felt her cuddle up closer to me and I pretend I'm asleep. After a few minutes, I decide I'll wake her up. "Babe, wake up." I say, kissing her jaw. Her eyes flutter open and a small smile grows on her face. "Morning Ni." she yawns. "Thanks for staying last night.. I don't know what came over me." She says shyly.

"It's no problem babe." I smile. "Hungry?" She asks, swinging her legs over the side of the bed. "You already know me so well." I chuckle.We walk downstairs and fix pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, and tea together.

"Here's the fun part." I say. "And what would that be?" "Waking the boys up." I smirk.

We walk into the roonm Louis and Harry shared and we kneel beside each of them. On the count of three, we kiss their cheeks whispering "Wake up." Harry smiled when he saw Sam, and Louis did too until he realized it was me who kissed him.

"Niall!" He shouts. Sammie and I rush out screaming, "Breakfast is ready!"

We walk into Zayn and Liam's room, and lay on top of them. Zayn moans and Liam shouts, "Uggh! Go away!" "BREAKFAST!" We scream in their ears. We rush downstairs and each grab a plate, filling it up with food, and take a seat next to eachother.

"Nice ideas Nialler." She giggles, taking a sip of her tea. "I know, I'm amazing." I smirk. She smiles and takes a bite of her eggs. Afterwards she says, "What was that name of the song you sang me last night? It was amazing."

Shit. "Oh, you, uhm, remember that?" I mumble. My voice wasn't as good as the rest of the boys.

"How could  forget? Your voice was incredible." She mumbles. I was about to reply when Louis speaks up. Apparently they had all been in the doorway, eavesdrropping. "So that's where you were Ni. With Sam. In her room. Alone." He smirks.

"Louis!" I shout. "Inapropriate things aren't allowed! Child in the room!" I joke, putting my hands over Sam's ears.

She giggles, and removes them with her hands. I know this is so stupid when I say this, but..... I swear I felt electricity.

"Well Louis, I was just upset about... something, and he was comforting me. Nothing like what I think your thinking." She says, scrunching up her nose. Ok, that just made me smile.

Louis answers, "Yeah, by the way, what was up?" while taking a seat next to her. "Uhm, I'll tell you later Lou." she mumbles. He understood, and nodded his head. I could already tell they'd be great friends.

We all dig in, and afterwards all get dressed. She walks out og her room, wearing a red and black shirt that had 'NEVERSHOUTNEVER!' written across it, ripped black and white jeans, plus XX HI red converse. Her hair was down like usual, her natural curls bouncing up and down as she walked over to me, taking my iPhone away from me.

"Babe!" I whine. "Hmm?" Sammie asks. "Gimme my phone back!" I pout, tring to steal it back. "I only put my number in Niall. I want us to hang out while you're visiting Mullingar."

I smile, and look at what she saved her name as. She giggled and ran away as I read it.


'Sammie The Sexy'. I chase after her with a smile on my face.

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