I'll Be Your Romeo

Samantha Levine hates One Direction. Well, not hate, she doesn't know much about them. It's more of a strong dislike.I mean, who can obsess over man-whorish, carrot-loving, boring, vain, hungry, boys? Plus, the one song she's heard of them is kind of annoying and whiny. But when the boys come knocking on Sam's door, what will happen? Read to see if Sam can change her feelings for these 'special' boys.


3. Chapter 2

Niall's P.O.V

She was beautiful. Samantha was just beautiful. I loved how short she was. Her braces were like mine, and she looked adorable. She had the prettiest blue and gray eyes, hidden behind her glasses. Sam was very petite. I loved her hair. It was like mine, brown and blonde, and it flowed in waves down her back. The ways she was so sweet and cute, hugging me and inviting us in. I think I'm devoloping feelings for her. I know it's wrong, after all she's only 15 and I'm 19, but maybe it could work.

I saw something that made me feel really upset though. Besides the fact mascara and tears stained her face, I noticed that she had a large bruise on one cheek, and a red hand mark on the other. I decided I'd ask her about it later, in private. After a lttile chat, she asks, "You wouldn't happen to be in a band, would you?" nervously.

"Please don't scream!" I say, remember Louis' issue with his ear after a very LOUD concert.

"We're in One Direction." Liam shrugs.

"Oh, er, that's cool.." Sam trails off.

"Not a fan, eh?" Zayn asks.

"Uhm, no, it's not that.."

"If you don't like our music, it's fine love." Harry chuckles.

"Well, I've only heard one song anyways.." She says quietly.

"It's fine! Don't feel bad." I smile.

"Ok." She says back.

"So.... what do you guys want to do? I'm a bit hungry, anyone up for pizza?" Sammie says. "Yeah, sure!" I say. Yeah, we'll definanly be great friends. She orders 3 pizzas, and pays the man with a debit card. "My family won't notice." She winks.

We each take a few slices, even she eats three peices. After some time of talking and laughing, and plenty fooling around, I whisper in Sam's ear, "Hey babe, can we talk? In private?" She nods, and leads me to what I guess is her room.

It's a large room, with a big bed with a black and blue duvet, a desk with a Macbook and plenty drawings and art supplies, a big closet, and posters cover her walls.

On her bed lies a GIANT Saint Bernard. "Nice dog." I chuckle. "Uhm, thanks." She blushes, as we sit on her bed.

I move closer to her, and look down into her eyes. "Sam, why do you have a bruise on your face?" I ask.

She moves her hand up to her face, feeling it.

"Uhm... I ran into a wall?" She anwsers, but it was more of a question.

"No, you didn't." I say sternly. "Sam, you can trust me." I say, putting my hand on top of hers on the bed.

"I've only known you for an hour Ni." She whispers. "Ok, how about this. If we get to know eachother better after a week or so, then will you tell me."

She nods, and I stand up, helping her up with my hand. I kiss her hand softly, before planting a smirk on my face as I walk back to the front room where the boys are.

Sam's P.O.V

Shit. I've only known Niall for like an hour and I falling for him. Hard. Kill me now. Why'd he have to do that? Acting like he cared about me, wanting to become friends, and more importantly, FLIRTING? I'm dead.


After cooling down, I return downstairs to the boys. As I walk in, I watch as Haarry is laughing uncontrolablly, clapping his hands together at something Louis whispered in his ear. I sit on the armchair as Louis says,"So, Sam, what were you doing with Niall up there?" I blush furiously. Why'd he have to do that? "Mate!" Niall says, making me jump. "We were only talking.." I mutter. "Awh, I'm sorry Sammie. I was only joking. Forgive me?" Louis pouts, sticking his bottom lip out.

"No." I say, turning my head, trying to hold back a laugh. "Oh really?" He says. I nod. "Then you give me no choice." I can feel his smirk. Suddenly, Louis is sitting on me, arms past me head, holding me down, facing me, one leg on each side of me. I know, awkward, right?

"Lou get off me!" I whine, attempting to push him off. "Not until you forgive me." He smirks evilly.

"You'll be here a long time then Boobear." He moaned, I knew he told me never to call him that. "Well I'm okay with that." Louis winked. I raise my eyebrows. "Do you want me to text Eleanor?" I smirk on back. "N-no.." He stammered.

"Then let me go!" I giggle. "Forgive me?" Louis whines. I shake my head 'no'. He kisses the tip of my nose. "Now do you?" I giggle, "Whatever Lou, I forgive you. Now GET OFF ME!" I say, pushing him to the ground as he chuckles.

I watch as Sonny walks in, tail wagging at these new people. Louis is still sitting down and didn't notice him, so he was suprised when he felt the an affectionate snuffle on his neck. "What- hey, nice dog Sam! What's her name?"

"Him." I corrected Lou. "His name is Sonny." Before I know it the boys crowd around Sonny, petting and talking to him.

I roll my eyes and stand up. "If you need me, I'm taking meself a shower." I walk off, without any other acknowledgements, besides Niall who responded, "Alrighty love. We'll be down here."

I go up to my room, grabbing underwear, a bra (what, guys are over at my house!), a Paramore tee, and my grey sweatpants with PINK written in pink(well duh!) across my bum.

I step in the warm shower of my ensuite, letting the warmth consume me and all my bruises and scars from the crew. (Btw I call Connor, Ethan, and Luke 'the crew')

I stand under the shower longer then I should have, but I get out eventually, putting my hair up in a loose ponytail and pulling on my pajamas. I walk down the stairs subconsilously. What if they think I'm ugly like this? With my glasses and my hair pulled up like this. I finally grab up enough courage and walk down the stairs.

The second I walk in, Niall's mouth gapes open, and his eyes lock with mine. I felt hurt, and bite my lip, holdingn back the tears. Who wouldn't want to cry if a popstar thought you were ugly? I sit on the only empty seat, between Harry and Niall. Niall must've figured he made me upset, and he whispers in my ear, "You look adorable." with a smile. I smile and look at the ground. "Let's all watch a movie!" Louis shouts, breaking up everyone's small conversations with eachother.

"Toy Story!" Liam suggests.

"Oh god no, not again!" Louis says.

"The Notebook?" Harry asks.

"Blechh! No romance!"

"What about a scary film." Niall says.

"How about not?"

"Nope! Brillant idea Nialler! Got any scary films?"

I sigh, and get up, showing him all the movies we have. He chooses 'Nightmare On Elm Street'. Fuck.

I sit back down next to Niall, shivering. I get freaked out easily. Within a few minutes, I'm stil jumping. "Alright babe?" Niall whispers quietly. I shake my head side to side, and he slips his arm around my waist, holding me close to him. I felt amazing. Too bad he doesn't like me... But I don't like him either do I? I sure hope not. It's bad to love a teenage heartthrob. The hate, the fakeness, the paps, all that shit.

But right now I don't care. I cuddle up close to Niall, buring my face in the crook of his neck when I was frightened. I didn't care that the boys chuckled every time I did so. I didn't care how jeaulous Racheal would be when I told her. I didn't care that whenever I buried my face into Niall, it pained my  hurt, bruised cheek. This was wrong, loving him. But I didn't care, because I did it anyways.

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