I'll Be Your Romeo

Samantha Levine hates One Direction. Well, not hate, she doesn't know much about them. It's more of a strong dislike.I mean, who can obsess over man-whorish, carrot-loving, boring, vain, hungry, boys? Plus, the one song she's heard of them is kind of annoying and whiny. But when the boys come knocking on Sam's door, what will happen? Read to see if Sam can change her feelings for these 'special' boys.


16. Chapter 15

One Week Later..

Niall kissed me softly in the livingroom, but we suddenly pulled away, hearing the door open."Mum, dad," I breathed, taking a step away from Niall. "Who's this?" Mum asked harshly. "Mum, this is Niall. A friend," I added. "We said no boys allowed in the house! Espically when we're away on business!" Dad yelled. "Dad, calm down! He's just my boyfriend," I sighed, crossing my arms and rolling my eyes. "BOYFRIEND?" He yelled. I was about to respond to him when Niall said, "Yes, sir," then turned to me and whispered, "Sorry babe, can't lie to your parents. Bad first impression much?"

"Oh, so you've got a smart one here! Boy, you better get out of my house right now," Dad snarled. "Why are you so familar?" Mum asked. Niall scratched the back of his neck nervously. "I'm in a band, Mrs.Levine. Plus I'm from Mullingar." "A band?" Mum screeched. "You are from One Election, aren't you!"

"It's One Direction ma'am, and yes,-" Dad decided to cut him off. "Cut it smart ass! You better-" Mum interuppted Dad. "How old are you, Niall?" Niall looked straight into her eyes. Niall couldn't lie. I knew he wouldn't. "I'm nineteen."

"NINETEEN?  That's FOUR years Samantha! No! No! Get out! Out! You're over! Never speak to my baby again!" Mum hollered, trying to shove him out the door. "Niall!" I sobbed, grabbing his hand. Dad opened the door, and pushed him out, making him let go of my hand and nearly fall on his bum. I began to cry as Mum held me back from running to him. Dad was leading Niall to his car. "No! Please don't take him away from me! Please, mum, dad!" I breathed. "Sam! It's okay! I'll see you again, I promise you Sam! I promise!" I snatched myself out of my mother's grasp and ran out onto the drive, running into Niall's arms as I sobbed.

He stroked my hair. "Shh, shh, baby. I' be back for you, Samantha Rose Levine. I'll be back. I swear," Niall whispered, before my father ripped us apart. Niall slouched to his car while Dad held me back. "No! Niall! Please don't leave me- I- I-" Niall gave me one last glance before driving off. I turned to my dad. "I hate you! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I LOVED HIM! WHAT'S YOUR FUCKIN' PROBLEM!?" I repeatidtly punched him on his chest.

"Watch your language little missy! He's four years older than you! He's a popstar! He doesn't love you, Sam!"

"Yes he does Dad! I hate you!" I ran up to my room, tears pouring down my face. They couldn't do this to me. This can't be happening. I loved him so much. I called Niall, and he picked up immeadiatly. I was crying so hard I could barely breath, but I could tell he had been crying a little bit. He took a deep breath. "Sam. I love you. Even if your parents hate me, we will stay together as long as possible. I love you. I love you. I love you," Niall breathed. "I-I love you t-too," I struggled to say between my cries and hiccups. "H-how though?" I hiccuped.

"I'll be your Romeo, if you'll be my Juliet. It'll be our forbidden love. Alright?"

I nodded, but remembered he couldn't see me, so I said "Ok-kay."

"I have to go, but I promise we'll Skype tonight. I love you. Good bye, my Juliet."

"I love you too, my Romeo," I giggled, hanging up.

I needed my Romeo. 




Hey y'all! So, what about Sam and Niall's "Forbidden Love"? Do you like it?

Oh, and I'm gunna change the name of the story to either "I'll be your Romeo" or any suggestions otherwise. Thanks, byeeeeeeee!

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