The War in The Sky

Even if it's not my War to battle, I will fight for what it right.


2. Unlikely Brothers

The two brothers didn't get along as their parents had hoped. They both two very different paths. Amaris, the younger brother spent most of his time gathering knowledge in the forest or in the library, unlike his brother. Darcia spent no time collecting or learning, the only thing he learnt of was armoury. When he was eleven his request to learn in combat was finally excepted, after pleading his father since he was nine. Amaris didn't much care for this kind of combat, swords weren't his ambition.


There was something unusual about the two brothers, it was like they were opposites. Actually, they were. Like everyone who lived in Solnatale, they both had wings. But obviously due to the fact that they were under sixteen, their wings were too small to fly. What is weird about their wings is that they're the same as the others hair. Amaris has jet black hair, and snow white wings. On the other hand, Darcia has blonde hair so pale that it's almost white, and has coal black wings. The King and Queen didn't over think this, no-one did actually, just thought it was something of genetics.


Darcia had a natural talent at combat, much like Amaris had a gift with animals and herbology. You might think this to be rather sissy, but not in Solnatale. Beasts roam here with no warning, but never attack. More likely to terrorise or scare someone. Darcia would often make fun of Amaris for that reason, he never did like his brother. Especially when he was told that he was unplanned and almost killed their Mother. Amaris never excepted that fact. Since the day he found out about this, he kept to himself, not talking to anyone unless he had to. This suited Darcia rather well, he got all the attention from that point on.


Their Mother was concerned about Amaris though. One day, she went to the library in the morning, knowing that he would already be there. He was surprised to see her here, she never had gone there, it was a public library, she preferred her private study. She held out her hand to him, confused, he seized it, not having the slightest idea what was going on. But didn't leave without clasping the book he was reading under his other arm. She just laughed. She lead him to the market, speaking to him all the way. Listening to him talk about all the different types of creatures that could be found in the forest not too far from the temple they lived in. She didn't interrupt him, just listened attentively. It was quite a rare thing to have a conversation with him.


It was when they passed a pet shop that he stopped mid-sentence, and stared at one of the cages. His eyes were glued to the flickering flames behind the metal bars. That was the day that he got Vermimas the Phoenix.


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