The War in The Sky

Even if it's not my War to battle, I will fight for what it right.


1. The Birth

Shrieking echoed the temple in a bloody horror. But no-one feared death, only excitement filled the city. You would think this to be a strange reaction to someone screaming in pain, but you're thinking of the obvious. Deep in the temple, in the chambers of the Royals, was a Mother to be. The Queen. No-one knew whether or not it was going to be a girl or boy, there were bets taking place all over Solnatale. She might be strong, but to this, she was weak. Any woman would be, mortal or not.


Many hours passed, until in the middle of the day, when the Sun was at its highest, she birthed a son. She cradled him in his arms while the King sat by her side and comforted her. Everything was perfect all of a sudden, after all the pain, agony and waiting, she had her baby. People all over Solnatale jubilated in celebration. The Prince of Solnatale was born. The child was much like his Father, with his Platinum blonde hair and dark brown eyes. The Queen was exhausted, her body plagued by fatigue. She rested in her chambers for the remainder of the day.


It was almost midnight when the Queen woke up with a sudden jolt. She screamed for someone to come quickly. She was in excruciating pain. But by the time the Midwives came to her side, she was almost dead. But that wasn't what they screamed about when they came into the room. There, laying on the bed, was another son. Of jet black hair and pale blue eyes.

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