MistleToe Kiss

It's almost time for the Mistletoe dance. 2 weeks away. 17 year old Diana Ross had a crush on her Best Friend Justin Bieber. But she thinks he doesnt like her. He thinks the sameway. What will happen when the truth comes out. Will their feeling be kept hidden. READ TO FIND OUT. (Only a 15 chapter story.)


13. Not the ending

Hey my little snowflakes. Did you love the story. I will continue.

"Happy new years everyone." Diana yells on the mic. "And have a great year." Justin adds. Justin looks at Diana. "I know this is early but i want to give you this." He gets on one knee. "Will you promise me that we will be together no matter what happens." She starts to cry. "I promise." He puts the ring on her finger and she hugs him. "GO D." Isabel and Briana squeal. "YEA J. GET IT IN." Chaz and Ryan yell. "GO JUSTIN." The 1D boys yell. "Don's listen to them." "I will only listen to you." Diana says. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and hugs him.

The end. OR NOT

Sequel Time.

The sequel is going to be up in Feburary. It will be called Valetines Day Hearts. You know becasue of.....Well you get it. I will be continuing the last book of I finally found you, Little Things. I might be fixing a few things in the second book. I am not going to post Battle of the bands anymore unless you want me too. I will have the One way meets One Direction up by march and the sequel my mid-may. Just so you know. If you have any questions on the battle of the bands book and you want it posted just write on my blog and i will get back to you. Hope you had fun reading my book and there will be more soon.


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