MistleToe Kiss

It's almost time for the Mistletoe dance. 2 weeks away. 17 year old Diana Ross had a crush on her Best Friend Justin Bieber. But she thinks he doesnt like her. He thinks the sameway. What will happen when the truth comes out. Will their feeling be kept hidden. READ TO FIND OUT. (Only a 15 chapter story.)


10. Chapter 9

Diana's P.O.V

"D that looks great on you."Briana squeals. "Toats adore." Isabel laughs. "Thank you." I do a little twirl in my white sweet heart neckline, mid-thigh poofy dress. "So is it the one your going to wear with your date tomorrow." Isabel asks. "I don't have a date." I look down. "But it is the dress i am going to wear." "YAY." We all scream like little girls. " And also you two have dates already. So here." I pull out the same dresses but in 2 different colors. "I CALLTHE GREEN" Isabel screams. "I CALL THE RED.." Briana yells. The snatch them out of my hands. They slip them on and look at themselves in the mirror. Harry and Zayn walk in on us. "NO OUT." I yell. "I want to see." Harry pleads. "Me too." Zayn pouts. "Wait till tomorrow." "Fine." They walk out. I look to Briana and Isabel and see them with their jaws to the ground. "You got us Harry and Zayn as our dates." Isabel says. "YUP." I laugh. They both start to scream. "Okay calm down." I giggle then stop. "Diana." They stop also. I cover my face with my hands. "D calm down. You do NOT want to ruin your dress." Briana laughs. "I dont really care anymore. I have no date. Justin turned me down so why sould I go." "It's Christmas eve on that day." Isabel adds."And you dont want to waste such a beautiful dress." "I know." "You got us dates and lovely dresses. And we are not going to leave here without you." Briana says. "thank you for supporting me.." I look at them. "CHRISTMAS PRINCESSES HERE WE COME."

~Christmas Eve~

Nobody's P.O.V

It was snowing lightly and the sky was white. It was also Louis's brithday. So lets start a snow fight. Everything was good and perfect for Diana, Isabel, Briana, and of course Mitchie who couldn't take anymore of Lily's crap.

"Mitchie." Diana screams. "I'm coming." When she gets upstairs she sees Diana holding a blue dress like the one D and the girls are wearing. "Thank you Diana." "Oh and that's not the last thing." "Huh." Liam walks out of the closet and hold up a white rose to Mitchie. "Mithcie. Will you go to the dance with me?" "Yes Liam." Mitchie was with Liam. What a beautiful night to come. Diana was upset on not having a date but that didnt stop her. Will it? "Let's start getting ready."

Liam walks out and the other girls walk in. They slip on their dresses and do their make up.

Diana curled her hair and added a white head band with sparkiling silver heels.

Isabel straitened her hair and had a red headband. She added a little bit of sparkles to her hair and added green and white eye shadow to go with it and white heels.

Briana braided her hair and added a green head band and green heels. She had a little bit of red and green eye shadow that made her gren eyes glow.

Mitchie was in her dress and had a blue flower. She added her navy blue heels and put on a light shade of blue eye shadow.

About an hour later the rest of the girls dates came. Mitchie with Liam. Zayn with Isabel. And Briana with Harry. Niall was with Marie and Louis with his new girlfriend Eleanor. Everything was perfect for them but for Diana she was going to be alone tonight.

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