MistleToe Kiss

It's almost time for the Mistletoe dance. 2 weeks away. 17 year old Diana Ross had a crush on her Best Friend Justin Bieber. But she thinks he doesnt like her. He thinks the sameway. What will happen when the truth comes out. Will their feeling be kept hidden. READ TO FIND OUT. (Only a 15 chapter story.)


6. Chapter 5


I walk away from the girls and walk to my car and drive off. I was upset. Why would she do this to me? Isabel and Briana said she liked me. I was talking to them about me asking Diana out to the dance and look what happens. LOUIS ASKED DIANA OUT. &@$#&*!.

Diana's P.O.V

Justin walked away. I don't know what was up with him. He's been avoiding me all day today.

"Louis. You want to come over to my house." I ask smiling at him. "Yea sure. I heard you have a piano." "Yea.." He leans in about to kiss me. "Na Ah Ah....You have to earn that kiss from me." "How??" I kiss him and he freaked alittle but calmed down. "For being a good boy." "I'll always be a good boy." I giggle. "I know you will."

We get to my house and walk in. "I'll be back Louis. I have to do something." "Alright." "MOM." My mom walks out of the kitchen. "Oh hello. I am Delilah. And you are?" "Louis Tomlinson. Diana's Boyfriend." "Oh." She shoots a wierd look at me. "Diana. Can we talk?" "Yes Mom." My mom walks into the kitchen while I follow behind her. "Diana. I thought you liked Justin." "I did. But he never liked me. And Louis is Liam's friend." "Well okay." I walk out looking at my mom. Was she hiding something from me? whatever.

I walk upstairs to my music room so I can hide my music. I grab them off the piano and put them in the piano chair. "Knock... Knock." I look at the door. "May I come in." "Sure you can." I close the seat with a loud bang. "He looks directly at it. "You don't have to hide things from me." I pull them out. "I'm sorry. I just don't like people reading my music unless it's someone I trust." "Let me see." "Nope." I say laughing. "Please." He gives me a serious look. I hand them to him. I can see his eyes scanning the paper and smiling. "I like it alot. But can you play." "Of course I can."

I sit down and press at keys.

'When I see you my heart melts.'

"When you laugh my eyes drown."

'I loved you all my life but I guessed you never loved me.'

I stop and stare at the piano thinking about the song I wrote and just sang to Louis. This was about Justin. My bestest friend.

"Everything alright." "Yea." I continue to look down. What did I do? Did Justin run away when he found out about me an.....No! I just got to deal with it. I look up at Louis and smile. "I want to hear you play." "Alright."

He presses at the keys.

'They don't know about the things we do'

"They don't know about the I love you's"

'But I bet you if they only knew.'

"They will just be jealous of us."

Louis sounded like an angel. But Justin sang like a god. "You sound great Lou." I look into his eyes which are now gleaming with the light. 'Just go for it D." I lean in. And he does the same. I felt weird because the last time I tried to kiss JB the piano started screeching. Well it didn't happen this time. We kiss.

When we pull away I look at him ."I love you Louis." "I love you too Diana." We kissed again but with more passion. and with that we heard the front door slam close.

Justin's P.O.V


I walked into Diana's house expecting her to be in her original place on the couch doing homework. but she wasn't there. "Mrs. Ross." I called out. "Oh hello Justin. Are you looking for Diana." I nod. "She's upstairs ats you can hear." "Thank you." I walk up the steps and to the door but stopped dead in my tracks. Diana was singing somthing.

'When I see you my heart melts'

'When you laugh my eyes drown'

'I loved you all my life but I guess you never loved me'

That song. It reminds me of somthing.

I listen closly by putting my ear on the door. Louis starts singing a song that I dont even know about.

I heard muffling and smaking when I realized.....THEY WERE KISSING. I continued listening and "I love you Louis." "I love you too." I ran out of the house and slammed the front door.

I walk out and see Liam walking up the drive way. "Hey Justin." "Not now Liam." he looks at me worried. "What's wrong?" I let tears fall from my eyes. "Nothing." and look away.

~Skipping car ride~

I walked into my house and into my room. Briana and Isabel told me she loved me. LIES.

I closed my door and sat next to my bed. I pull at my hair and cry. I was such a baby today. I threw the box that I was holding at my wall.

As i do that my mom walks in."Justin how many ti.....Oh Justin why are you crying?" "Diana is what's wrong." She looked confused at first. "Diana what did she do?" "She kissed Louis." "Well hun. You and D aren't dating. She can be and kiss who ever she's with," She looks at me with a smile."Unless you like her." "I do mom. But I don't want to ruin her relationship with Louis. I really don't." she looks at the wall. "What did you throw?" I stayed quiet. My mom walks over to the wall, picks up the box and opens it. "Justin were you going to give this to her." I cry even harder. She walks back over to me and lifts my head up. "You need to tell her befroe its to late." "I will mom." "Okay. Get some rest for tomorrow." "Okay."

As she walks out my little sister Jazmyn runs in laughing but she stops. "JB what's wrong?" "Nothings wrong Jazmyn. I'm fine." She sits on my lap and pokes my face. "No your not. You were crying, Tell me what's wrong before I hurt you." I laugh. "It's a girl." "Diana." I was shocked. "How did you know?" "I can tell when ever she came over you would flirt." "Oh Jazmyn." "You love her." I nod. "Tell her boy." "No it's fine." "Justin please. Promise me that you will tell her." "I will." "PROMISE.' She stands up. "I promise I will tell her." she pokes my eye. "Oww." "Good." She skips out of my room and laughs. For a four year old she has alot of words.

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