MistleToe Kiss

It's almost time for the Mistletoe dance. 2 weeks away. 17 year old Diana Ross had a crush on her Best Friend Justin Bieber. But she thinks he doesnt like her. He thinks the sameway. What will happen when the truth comes out. Will their feeling be kept hidden. READ TO FIND OUT. (Only a 15 chapter story.)


5. Chapter 4

Hey my little Snowflakes. Sorry about the short Chapters. I just have alot on my mind just to write more. I'll try to write longer ones or add more to them. Hope you enjoyed the two chapters.

If you have any complaints just tell me. Please.

~Thank you.


Justin's P.O.V

Well that was embarresing. I shouldn't have leaned in but I couldn't help it. She is just to pretty for me to back away. I mean I like her. ALOT. I think she pressed the keys so she wouldn't have to kiss me. I thought she liked me. I guess not.

Diana' P.O.V

~Science class~

"So I heard you were with the boys yesterday." Briana says sitting on one side of me at the Lab Table. "Yea I was." "Anything happen between you and Justin?" Isabel says. "Well I got home and took a shower. I got bord so I went to the music room and started playing the piano. I think my mom let him in and told him where I was at. He sat next to me and we started playing 'White Christmas'. And...." "Well. Say it Chica." Briana says at the edge of her seat. "We almost kissed. But it wasn't gonna happen because one of us pressed the keys on the piano." "Oh MY GOSH DIANA. That's great." "Isabel said excitedly. "No it wasn't. I think it was him that pressed it." "Who leaned in first?" I just shrug. "He likes you Diana." Isabel says. I didn't say anything. I knew they were lying.


After school was over I walked over to my locker when Niall called my name. I turned to his direction and saw that he was running. "DIANA WAIT UP." "I'm right here Nialler." I say. "Okay.....*HUFF* Louis wants to tal*HUFF*k to you. WHEW." He takes a breather and takes me to Louis's locker. "Hey Louie." He closes it and turns to me. "Hey D. I uhh....you know that the dance is coming up." He says shyly. Was he going to ask me to go with him? "You want me to go with you." "Yea. I know you like JB but I like you. Can you give me a chance?" I hug him. "I would love to go with you Louis. I said yes because I know that Justin and I would never be. "Thank you Diana. I promise you that I'll give you all the attention you want." I poke his cheek and kiss it. "But not to much attention." I flirt than giggle.

I walk out of the school hand and hand with Louis. I go up to Isabel and Briana who were talking to Justin for some reason. "Hey guys. Guess what?" Their heads flip around. "WHAT??" I show them my hand which was intertwined with Louis's. "WHATT?!!!?!?!?"................

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