MistleToe Kiss

It's almost time for the Mistletoe dance. 2 weeks away. 17 year old Diana Ross had a crush on her Best Friend Justin Bieber. But she thinks he doesnt like her. He thinks the sameway. What will happen when the truth comes out. Will their feeling be kept hidden. READ TO FIND OUT. (Only a 15 chapter story.)


4. Chapter 3

Nobody's P.O.V
Diana was in her music room after she played soccer with the guys. And of course a shower.

She was playing 'All I want for Christmas is you.'

"I don't want alot for Christmas."

'There is just one thing I need.'

"I don't care about the presents."

"Underneath the Christmas Tree."

'I just want you for my own.'

"More than you could ever know."

'Make my wis.....'

"Uh..........Um...." Her singing was interupted. "Oh hey JB." "Hey." Justin waves slightly. "I didn't know you could play." "Hidden talent. I guess." Diana shrugs. Justin sits next to her and presses at the keys. "Sing 'White Christmas' with me." "Okay."

'I'm dreaming of a White Christmas.'

"Just like the ones I used to know."

'Where the tree tops glisten.'

"And the children listen."

'To hear the sliegh bells in the snow.'

They look into each other's eyes. Justin leans into kiss Diana. She leaned in also. They were going to kiss until..."BADRINNNGG." The piano screaches.

"Um.....Uh....What do you wan to play next.," Justin asks. "Jingle bells." Diana suggest. "Okay." He presses at the keys again as Diana sings.

After that song they sat in silence.


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