Alex is and always will be a California girl. When her mom is relocated to London, it feels like her world is turned upside down. How is she supposed to start her senior year in a new school half way across the world? She’ll have to leave everything behind and start anew. Some things however, she is glad will be left behind. But when she meets a certain dark haired pop star, will things change for better or worse? Alex has been insecure ever since a wonderful relationship gone wrong. Will the mysterious Zayn from One Direction mend her broken heart, or will Alex forever be deemed BROKEN?


5. The Boys

(A/N: Apologizing ahead of time for grammer/spelling mistakes!)

"Today really was the perfect day," I told Zayn as we cuddled on the couch.  We were waiting for the rest of the boys to get back so we could start watching a movie.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself," Zayn said. I smiled up at him and kissed his lips softly.  he kissed me back, just as gently and was just about to deepen the kiss when I felt somebody jump on top of  us.

"Louis get off," I yelped.  Zayn was taking on most of Louis' body weight, but Louis elbowed me lightly in the ribs and I struggled to get away from his flailing limbs.

"Oi, get your fat ass up!"  Zayn exclaimed.

"But I wanted to sit next to Alex during the movie," Louis complained.

"What?"  Harry exclaimed, "You don't want to sit next to me BooBear?!"

"Is wittle Harry jealous?"  I teased.

"Humpf, no of course not!  But we are watching a scary movie and I know how scared Louis gets," Harry sassed back.

"Who said we were watching a scary movie?"  I squeaked.

"Me!"  Niall exclaimed right behind me.

"Ahhh!"  I screamed, hiding my face in Zayn's chest.  His laughs reverbrated through his chest, making me bounce slightly on his chest.

"The movie hasn't even started yet and you're already screaming," Liam chuckled, coming in with two bowls full of popcorn.

"It's not my fault," I mumbled.

"Don't worry love," Zayn said, lifting my head up, "I'll protect you."  I smiled at how cheesy he was being and turned around to face my fate.

"So what movie are we watching?"  I asked, trying to sound confident.

"Drag me to hell," Harry said ominously.  I widened my eyes because that certaintly didn't sound good.  I cuddled even further into Zayn's side and mentally prepared myself.  Zayn wrapped his arm securely around my waist and kissed my forehead.  I smiled, tilting my head up to kiss his jaw.

"You guys are digusting," Harry said at last, "let's start the movie already."

Needless to say, my face was burried in Zayn's chest most of the movie.  This movie is so creepy, I thought to myself.  I shuddered anytime there were bugs involved and that old lady was was freaky!  Zayn reassuringly rubbed my shoulder throughout the movie and never once let me go.  The movie finally ended and I was a bit surprised.  "What kind of crap ending was that?"  I exclaimed.

"What do you mean?"  Liam asked, "It was a horror movie, it had a pretty predictable ending.

"Still!"  I argued, "She goes through all that trouble just to be actually sucked into hell?"

"How would you know?"  Harry asked, "Your face was too busy sniffing Zayn's chest to actually watch the movie!"

The boys snickered, even Zayn, which made me blush deeply.  "I watched the movie!"  I defended myself, chosing to ignore the other part.

"Sure you did," Louis teased.

"Argh," I exclaimed, hiding my face, once again, on Zayn's chest.

Zayn chuckled, "Don't worry babe, you look cute when you're embarassed."

I raised my head to glare at him which caused him to grin even wider.  "You look even cuter when you're mad," he commented.

I leaned in close, nipping at his ear, "Wait 'til you seee me when I'm furious."  I leaned back to find Zayn's eyes slightly dialated with lust and I could feel his breathing speed up.

"Daaammmnnn," Harry dragged out, "you guys have some serious sexual tension going on.  I can feel it from here!"

"I've come to the conclusion that you're the perverted one here," i said, narrowing my eyes at Harry.

"Hey, it's not just me," he defended, "Zayn is was more perverted than me, but then you came along and he starts acting like a little saint."

"Is that true?"  I turned to Zayn feigning mock shock.

"It sure is," Niall interrupted, "he has the most dirty mind out of all of us!  He couldn't keep his hands off Perry."  Niall's eyes went wide as if he said something he shouldn't have.

I narrowed my eyes and turned to Zayn.  "Who's Perry and I why couldn't you keep your hands off her?"

"Thanks guys," Zayn groaned, "she's just an ex girlfriend of mine.  It was nothing serious."

I nodded, but said nothing.  "They really weren't serious at all," Harry said, trying to defend Zayn.  All of a sudden all the boys were trying to defend Zayn and there were just too many voices talking at once.

"Ok," I said, throwing my hands up, "it's in the past.  I get it, you've obviously had past girlfriends before,but it was in the past.  It doesn't matter right now."

"It really was nothing," Zayn said, pulling me into his lap.

"I know.  Don't worry about it," I said pecking him on the cheek.  He pouted his lips and I laughed, giving him a peck on the lips.  Apparently that wasn't enough for him so he started to deepen the kiss.  I pulled away when I heard the boys complaining.  I shifted on his lap and wasn't surprised that he hissed at the sudden movement.

"No sex sounds please!"  Liam yelled, covering his ears like a little boy.

"Let's please do something else before they start having sex," Harry stated.

"Don't be immature Harrold,"  I told him.  He glared at me for using his full name and looked away.

"Let's play truth or dare!"  Niall exclaimed.

"Yes please because I don't think Zayn can last another minute with Alex on his lap," Louis laughed.  Zayn and I both stuck our tongues out at him, but I carefully removed myself from Zayn's lap anyways.  He was a bit resistant to let me go, but after I gave him a quick peck on the lips, he was satisfied with holding me around the waist.  The boys quickly cleared the coffee table and Niall brought out a bottle.

"Geeze, where were you hiding that Niall?"  I asked, since he practically pulled it out of no where.

"You don't want to know," Niall said ominously, but with that accent of his, I couldn't help but laugh.

"Ok, I'll go first," Louis said excitedly.  Round and round went the bottle until it landed on Liam.

"What'll it be mate?"  Louis asked with a mishchivous glint in his eye.

Liam gulped and said, "Dare!"  All the boys seemed shocked that Liam actually chose dare.  This should be interesting, I thought to myself.

Louis rubbed his hands together and stared at Liam evilly.  "I dare you too..."  Louis trailed off, enjoying the suspense.

"Get on with it!"  Niall exclaimed.  All the boys seemed excited to see what dare Liam would have to perform.

"I dare you to draw a face on your willy and run around outside, naked, for ten minutes!"  Louis finally exclaimed.  Liam's jaw dropped while the rest of us burst into laughter.

"Seriously Lou?!"  Liam groaned.

"Hey you're the one that picked dare mate," Louis chuckled.  Liam doesnt seem like the kind to cuss so I was a bit surprised to hear a few choice words he mumb;ed under his breath.  I think I aslo heard something along the lines of - management is going to kill me - guesslittle Liam is gonna be in some trouble!

"Oi!  You kiss your mother with that mouth?"  Zayn yelled after Liam as he trudged up the stairs.

"I'm definitely recording this,"  Harry chuckled, pulling out his phone.

"Man, you guys play hardcore," I said, hoping hey wouldn't make me embarass myself too much.

"Just because you're a girl doesn't mean we'll go easy on you," Louis said slyly, dashing my hopes to smithereens.

"Dammit, thought so," I grimaced.

"Do I really have to do this?"  Liam yelled from upstairs.

Poor Liam, it seems like we're both screwed today.

A/N:  Well that's it for this chapter!  Let me know if there are any dares you want Alex or any of the boys to perform! Happy readings! XXxx

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