Alex is and always will be a California girl. When her mom is relocated to London, it feels like her world is turned upside down. How is she supposed to start her senior year in a new school half way across the world? She’ll have to leave everything behind and start anew. Some things however, she is glad will be left behind. But when she meets a certain dark haired pop star, will things change for better or worse? Alex has been insecure ever since a wonderful relationship gone wrong. Will the mysterious Zayn from One Direction mend her broken heart, or will Alex forever be deemed BROKEN?


1. Coffee

"Alex, Alex wake up, we're here," my mom said.  I rubbed my eyes and looked out the window at our new "house."  I just want to be back in California, where the sun always shines, unlike dreary London.

"Come on honey," my mom said, "get a move on.  We have a lot of unpacking to do."  I sighed and reluctantly rose from my seat to start lugging boxes in.

Five long hours of unpacking later, I flopped onto the couch with a big sigh.  "Honey, why the long face?  I know you're upset about moving away from your friends, but I think this will be good for us," my mom said.

"How is this supposed to be good for us mom?  You took me away from everything I ever cared about and just expect me to act like its no big deal," I fumed.  I didn't want to pick a fight with my mom, but what was she expecting?  I'm not just going to accept this.

"Don't be so difficult Alex.  I figured trhat moving would make things easier for you.  Seeing as Jake..."

"Just stop okay, don't even bring HIS name into this.  I thought we decided that we would never bring HIM up again," I muttered angrily.

"Well seeing as he would be going back to your school, I figured you wouldn't want to be around him.  So when I got offered this new promotion, I figured, why not, it couldn't hurt," my mom reasoned.

"I-I-I t-t-hought he was going to be switching schools," I whispered.

"No," my mom whispered solemly, "they allowed him back to school.  I have no idea why though.  After everything he did to you, he shouldn't be allowed back in the state!  I knew we should have gotten a restraining order, but..."

"Mom just stop!  I don't want to talk about this anymore," I interrupted, "I'm just going to go to sleep.  It's been a long day."

"Ok sweetheart, have sweet dreams," my mom said, kissing my cheek.  I smiled weakly and started walking away.  "Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, apparently we live on the same street as a famous British boy band.  Maybe you'll get lucky and snag yourself a guy."  My mom winked at me and I rolled my eyes at her attempt.

"Sure mom, whatever you say," was all I replied.  There was no chance of that  happening,  I mean I was okay looking, but its not like I had a long line of guys waiting for me back home.  Whoever these famous British boys were, weren't going to be any different.

Three weeks later

"Alex we've been here three weeks and you haven't left the house once.  Why don't you go out and make some new friends," my mom suggested.

"Go out where exactly?"  I asked, "I don't really know my way around."

"Well, it just so happens that a co-worker of mine has a daughter that will be going to the same school as you..."  My mom started.

"You did not set me up on a play date!"  I interrupted before she could finish.

"Well I figured this would be a great way to get to know people.  She'll be picking you up at about 7:30 tonight, so that gives you plenty of time to find something to wear.  You should pick something nice, I don't know where you're going, but it's always nice to make a good first impression," my mom said nonchalantly.

"Argh! Fine I'll do it, but only so you'll stop nagging me," I relented.

"Yay," my mom exclaimed, "How exciting, do you need help looking for something to wear?  I can take you shopping right now and..."

"No need mom, I'm pretty sure I can find the mall on my own," I said before she could get her purse, "Can I borrow the car at least?"

"Fine," she said, holding out her keys, "I see you're too cool to go shopping with your old mom."

I got up from my perch on the couch and sat on her lap, like the old days.  "It's not that mom.  I just want to do this myself.  We can have a girls day next weekend before school starts."

"Alright," my mom said, kissing my cheek, "have fun and be safe!"  As I walked outside I realized that I was about to hop into the wrong side of the car.  I chuckled at my idiocy and walked over to the right side of the car.  I sighed and braced myself for some mindless shopping.

4 hrs later at Starbucks

"Venti caramel frappe with extra caramel," the barista announced.  I stood up to get my coffee, but when I reached for it, so did a tan muscular hand.

"Excuse me, this is mine," a husky voice said.  I looked up to rebut him, but I got lost in his amazing eyes.  I quickly averted my gaze before I turned into a pile of goo.

I lifted up the cup, even though his hand was still attached to it and showed him the name on the side.  "You see that?"  I asked as if I was talking to a 5 yr old, "That says Alex.  Is your name Alex?"

He laughed and let go of the cup, his fingers lingering a bit longer then needed.  "Sorry, my mistake.  I will leave you and your coffee alone.  My names Zayn by the way," he said offering me a hand to shake.

I reluctantly shook his hand and was about to say something when the barista interrupted our awkward silence.  "Here's your coffee Zayn," she said, batting her fake eye lashes at him.  I glanced at his cup and noticed her phone number on it.

I looked at it pointedly and muttered, "Very classy."  I didn't think I said it loud enough for anyone to hear, but I was rewarded with Zayn's musical laughter and a glare from the barista.

"Well I guess I'll be off now," I chuckled.  I turned to leave, but was stopped by Zayn's warm hand on my wrist.

"Why don't I walk you out?"  He asked.  I smiled slightly and nodded my head.  He smiled a winning smile and led me out of Starbucks with a warm hand on my lower back.  Before I could even say anything, a group of girls came out of no where and started asking Zayn questions and taking his picture.

I was rudely pushed out of the way and stumbled onto my butt, almost spilling my coffee.  Bitch at me all you want, but do not mess with my caffeine!  Before I could even retaliate, I was being lifted up by two very strong arms.  I found myself face to face with Zayn and I didn't know how to react.

"Are you okay?"  He asked, concern lacing his voice.

"Fine," I said, pulling away first and acting like his mere presence didn't affect me.

"It looks like you're very popular around here, so I'll leave you to it," I said with a bit of sass in my voice.  I walked towards my car before he could say a word.  Only when I was safely in my car did I let myself look back, only to find Zayn starring at me with an anxious expression on his face.

It looked like he wanted to come after me, but before he could make a move, my engine roared to life and I sped out of my paking space.  I could still see Zayn in my rear view mirror and for some reson, I wanted to turn around and pull him into my car, away from all those screaming girls.

And what was up with all the girls?  I mean, I know Zayn is amazingly gorgeous, but why does he have an entourage of screaming girls at his beck and call?  I pushed all those thoughts away and focused on my driving.  It doesn't matter anyways, I'll probably never see him again.  However, knowing that, upset me in more ways then I care to admit.  Why, I had no idea, but I wasn't about to encourage it.

Zayn's P.O.V

Well, I promised the lads we'd go out tonight, but I couldn't get Alex off my mind.  Her long brown hair and her dark eyes staying imprinted on my brain since she left Starbucks.  When she drove away, I felt like chasing after her.  The only person I told about her was Harry, and he didn't really give me much advise to go on.  I might have to stake out that Starbucks everyday just to see if she shows up again.

I sighed to myself, now I'm sounding a bit creepy.  Maybe a night out at the club will get my mind off her.  I walked out onto the terrace to get some fresh air when I saw a shooting star go by.  The only thing on my mind right now, was Alex.

Alex P.O.V

Well, it's 7:30 on the dot and I'm waiting down stairs for Krista to pick me up.  I think I'm dressed up pretty decently.  I was wearing one of those dresses that is longer in the back and shorter in the front.  It also had slits on the side that showed off part of my back.  Instead of wearing heels, I put on some cute suede booties that complimented the dark blue of the dress.

Finally the door bell rang and I raced over to answer it before my mom, but she must have been sitting by the door because she already answered it and was gesturing Krista in.  "Oh no, its okay," Krista said, "we really should be going."

I finally came into view and held my hand out to Krista, "It's nice to meet you, I'm Alex."

She shook my hand and smiled warmly, "It is so nice to meet you.  We should have lots of fun tonight!"

"Cool, bye mom, don't wait up," I said before she could interrupt with more questions.

"Ok, well have fun girls!"  My mom yelled after us as I pushed Krista out the door.  I waved one last time before I got into the passenger seat and buckled my seat belt.

We drove out of the driveway in silence, an awkward one.  I decided to break it first, "So thanks for...."

"Listen, I didn't want to do this.  My mom made me or else she'd take away my credit card.  So when we get to the club, do whatever the hell you want, but don't get in my way," Krista said icily.

I was kind of shocked to hear those words come out of her mouth, but I guess looks can be decieving.  She seemed so nice, but obviously it was just a cover to look good in front of my mom.  I was about to give a snarky retort, when I realized that she was probably pretty popular around school.  I do not need enemies before the school year even starts.  So I chose not to respond and just stared out the window.

"How are we even going to get into the club?"  I asked as soon as we found parking.

"I'm a regular, as if they'd turn me away," she scoffed.  I rolled my eyes and got out of the car.  I followed her to the front of the line and recieved a few glares from all the people waiting in line.  The bouncer took one look at us and removed the velvet rope.  As soon as we walked inside, Krista abandoned me to go find her friends.  I sighed and walked over to the bar, preparing myself mentally for a boring few hours.

Beofre I could get there though, a hand snaked around my waist.  I instantly froze and tried to pull away.  "Oh, come on girly, don't be like that," he drunkenly slurred.

"Get away from me," I hissed, trying more than ever to get away.  For someone who was drunk, he sure was pretty strong.  Before I could cry out for help, he was thrown off my back and I was being whisked away by somebody.  I looked back and saw the drunken guy flat on his ass, looking confused.  I also saw a curly haired guy looking after us with a smirk on his face.  I turned to thank my savior, but the words died on my lips.

Only when we were in a private room in the back did he speak.  "Are you stalking me now?"  Zayn asked with a smile on his lips.

I bit back a sharp retort and smiled sweetly at him.  Oh, this was going to be an interesting night.

 A/N:  So first movella, not my first story.  Feedback is greatly appreciated!  Happy readings! 

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