Alex is and always will be a California girl. When her mom is relocated to London, it feels like her world is turned upside down. How is she supposed to start her senior year in a new school half way across the world? She’ll have to leave everything behind and start anew. Some things however, she is glad will be left behind. But when she meets a certain dark haired pop star, will things change for better or worse? Alex has been insecure ever since a wonderful relationship gone wrong. Will the mysterious Zayn from One Direction mend her broken heart, or will Alex forever be deemed BROKEN?


3. Breakfast

I woke up to a dark and gloomy day, the weather obviously not getting the memo that today I wanted to be happy. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and went downstairs in search of coffee. The wonderous aroma hit me as soon as I was at the foot of the stairs. My mom must have been in a good mood too because the coffee smelled even better today and I could already smell the crisp pancakes, "Mmmm, mom that smells..."

I stopped in the doorway to the kitchen, "You are most definitely not my mom."

"No I'm not," Zayn agreed, "I came over to see if you wanted to go out to breakfast, but I caught your mom as she was leaving for work. So she suggested we eat here."

I stared at him, dumbstruck because I had no idea what to say. I will admit that he looked pretty damn sexy standing there with a pan in his hand, flour on one of his cheeks. "So you decided to make my house?"

"Pretty much," he said nonchalantly, like he makes me breakfast all the time.

"This is too much to handle this early in the morning. I apologize for my slowness, I haven't had me morning cup of coffee," I said groggily.

"Nice pj's by the way," Zayn said, smiling at my ensemble. I winced when I realized I was wearing my hello kitty booty shorts and a tank top. They were a few years old, so they fit me a bit snug.

"Don't get used to it," I warned him as his eyes wandered to my bare legs.

"You're burning that pancake," I said as I poured myself a cup of coffee.

He cursed quietly and flipped the pancake with a slight flick of his wrist. "That ones yours," I giggled, pointig at the blackened mess of a pancake.

He stuck his tongue out at me and I rolled my eyes in return. Suddenly, he was right in front of me, staring intently into my eyes. "You have something right here," Zayn said pointing at my chin.

I blushed and brought my hand up to brush it away, but he stopped me. "I got it," he whispered. He smiled so sweetly that I never wanted this moment to end.....then he ruined it by throwing flour in my face.

I must have had the most ridiculous look on my face because he was bent over laughing, trying to catch his breath. I wiped some flour off my face and picked up the left over batter. "Hey Zayn," I said sweetly, then dumped the left over gooey-ness all over his perfect hair.

"Oh, its on," he said with a smirk on his face. And that was when I had the best food fight of my life. At one point I had taken out the chocolate syrup and whip cream, so that was everywhere as well. The kitchen was a mess and I was glad my mom had to work early.

"You've got a little something right here," Zayn said indicating his whole face.

I laughed at him, "You don't look much better!" We were sitting on the floor together with his hand resting lightly on my knee.

I looked up to find him already looking at me. "What?" I asked. Then he was leaning in and he licked the chocolate rught off my face! HE ACTUALLY LICKED ME!!

"Eeww!" I laughed, when on the inside, my stomach was doing somer saults and back flips.

"But you taste so delicious!" Zayn chuckled.

I then summoned up all my courage and kissed him. The whip cream on his lips making it that much sweeter. "You don't taste so bad yourself," I said, pulling away after teasing him by licking his bottom lip.

I saw his eyes darken but before he could do anything, I sprang up and offered him my hand. "Come on," I said, "I'm not taking care of this mess all by myself."

He sighed but let me pull him up. We cleaned up in silence, stealing glances at each other when we thought the other wasn't looking. Once we finished I led Zayn to the downstairs bathroom.

"Towels are in here," I said, indicating the closed cabinet, "I'll be upstairs trying to scrape this gunk off."

He opened his mouth to say something, but I rushed upstairs before he could.

Zayn P.O.V

Man this girl was driving me crazy! I couldn't wait to see her again so I figured I'd take her out to breakfast. I didn't expect her mom to let me wait for her, but i'm glad she did. Before I got in the shower I sent a text to Harry telling him to bring me some extra clothes. 

I hope things work out with Alex. It won't go very far if she doesn't let me in. I really want to be there for her because I can tell that's what she really needs right now. And she's so beautiful! I went to sleep last night, trying to remember every little detail about her.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard a knock at the door. I quickly turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. I opened the door and before me stood a suddenly speechless Alex.

Alex P.O.V

I don't know what I was expecting when he would open up the door, but what I saw took my breath away. HE. WAS. BEAUTIFUL.

His hair was still dripping and his tattoos made me want to trace every single one....with my tongue. I shivered at the images that were rushing threw my head. I spotted two drops of water racing down his toned chest, but before I could see which one made it to the "promise land", Zayn's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Alex?" Zayn asked, knowing perfectly well that I was checking him out.

"Uh, sorry. Harry dropped these clothes off for you," I blushed, quickly handing him his clothes.

"Thanks," he said, his hands holding onto mine and pulling me into the bathroom with him.

"Zayn, what are you doing?" I asked, surprised with the sudden proximity.

He put his hands on my waist and his lips skimmed over my lips. "Nothing," he smirked agaisnt my cheek. I couldn't take it anymore. I dropped his clothes and brought his lips to mine. I kissed him slowly, teasing him like he was teasing me, even if he didn't know it. After a few minutes I could feel his passion rising as he swiped his tongue across my bottom lip. I denied him access and pulled away from his intoxicating touch.

"Get dressed," I whispered into his ear. I could see that he wanted more, but he resisted himself. He may not know my secrets, but he already understood me more then anyone else. I smiled at him and kissed his cheek before leaving him to get dressed.

I went downstairs and re-heated the pancakes before placing them on the table just as he walked in the room. "Just in time," I said, "dig in. I saved the burnt one especially for you."

"Gee thanks," he said sarcastically.

"Anytime," I replied with a huge smile. I refilled my coffee cup and sat down across from him. I don't know what it is, but Zayn was looking mighty fine today. Maybe it was the fact that he showered in my house. Or that his still slightly damp hair was flat against his head instead of in the quiff he oh so liked. When I realized I was staring, I looked down at my plate just as he looked up at me.

"So do you want to go meet the rest of the boys after breakfast?" Zayn asked.

I thought it over quickly, its not like I had anything better to do. "Sure sounds like fun," I said.

"Great, you'll like them. And maybe I'll convert you into a fan," Zayn teased.

"We'll see about that." I smirked. We finished eating in compatible silence. For some reason I was nervous about meeting the other boys. What if they don't like me? Wait, why do I even care? I never care about people's opinion of me, so why is this any different? I guess whether I want to admit it or not, I really like Zayn and I don't want things to get messed up this time.

"Well let me get my purse and then we can go," I said, loading the dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

"You should also bring a bathing suit just in case," Zayn said as I turned towards the stairs.

I looked at him like he was crazy, "You do realize its like 40 degrees outside right?"

He laughed, "Yes that thought did occur to me, but we won't be swimming. We have an indoor jacuzzi and it tends to come in handy in times like this."

"Hmmm, you must say that to all the ladies," I muttered as I walked up the stairs.

"Only the pretty ones," Zayn winked. I rolled my eyes and continued up to my room. I wish I had a one piece bathing suit, but all I had were three different two piece bathing suits. I could say I don't have one, but then he might suggest taking me to buy one and I can only blush at the kind of conversations we might have while swim suit shopping.

Once Zayn sees me in this bathing suit, questions will be asked, and I don't know if I'm ready to give the answers. On a whim, I threw a black bikini and a change of clothes into my purse. Might as well let him know what he's getting into instead of months from now.

A/N: Well how was it?! Mom picked me up from school early just because so here's another chapter. Hope you liked it. Please comment, favorite, like, share with your friends! Hope you guys are having a great day! :) 

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