Alex is and always will be a California girl. When her mom is relocated to London, it feels like her world is turned upside down. How is she supposed to start her senior year in a new school half way across the world? She’ll have to leave everything behind and start anew. Some things however, she is glad will be left behind. But when she meets a certain dark haired pop star, will things change for better or worse? Alex has been insecure ever since a wonderful relationship gone wrong. Will the mysterious Zayn from One Direction mend her broken heart, or will Alex forever be deemed BROKEN?


2. Are you stalking me?

"Don't flatter yourself," I said, walking up to him until we were mere centimeters apart, then turning away and strutting over to the couch. I had the satisfaction of hearing him let out a shaky breath, but when he turned around to face me, his face was composed.

"Then what are you doing here?" He asked.

"Oh you know, just to grab a few drinks and party hard," I said, trying to sound nonchalant.

He scrutinized me as he came to sit next to me on the plush couch. Our knees rested against each other and I scooted away uneasily. He noticed my discomfort but chose to ignore it. "You don't really feel like the partying type," he finally said.

"Really?" I asked, "And what type do I look like?"

"I don't know, that's what I'm trying to figure out," Zayn said, staring into my eyes before looking way quickly.

"So what are you doing here?" I asked, trying to lighten up the mood, "Did you come with your groupies?"

"Groupies?" Zayn asked, confusion covering his beautiful face. Then his face lit up in understanding and he laughed.

"Listen, I guess I should just come clean now," Zayn said, staring at me intently.

I laughed nervously, "You're not going to tell me you're some kind of pimp are you?"

He laughed again, "No. Just don't freak out, okay?"

I nodded, "You're making me nervous, just tell me already!"

"Have you ever heard of One Direction?" Zayn asked. I shook my head, the name not ringing any bells.

"Well," he continued, "I just so happen to be one of the members."

"Oh wait," I said, my mom's previous words registering in my head, "you're in that British boy band. Yeah, my mom kinda told me about you guys."

"Wait," he said, "so you're not going to freak out?"

"No, why would I freak out?" I asked, confused.

"That's kind of a relief and a let down," Zayn chuckled, "No offense but what rock have you been living under the past few months." I shuddered and looked away, quickly reliving the last few horrible months of my life.

I brushed it off and gave him a smirk. "How did you want me to react? Like all those girls outside of Starbucks? Oh Zayn, you're so hot! Can I get a picture please?! No wait, let me give you my phone number on your cup because that is SO original!" I exclaimed, putting on my best valley girl impersonation.

Zayn laughed at my ridiculous performance and scooted closer to me. This time I didn't pull away. "So I'm guessing you're not a big pop fan?" He asked, finally finding the breath to speak.

"No, not at the moment," I said, giving him a small smile. "

"Well, now that we have that out of the way, why don't you tell me about yourself," he suggested.

"Uh, why don't we just go back out and have fun?" I asked, trying to prolong my past.

"But I want to know about you," Zayn said, holding my hand, "like what are you doing in London?"

I untangled my hand from his to push a strand of hair behind my ear, as an excuse to distance myself from him. This time Zayn did comment on my reluctance. "Why do you keep doing that?" He asked, pointing out my stiff position next to him.

"Look, I don't know what you expect to get out of this," I said, gesturing between us, "but just stop now. My life is complicated enough right now as it is. Besides, you wouldn't want to be with someone broken." I quickly got up and raced for the door. Before I could even put my hand on the door knob, he was blocking my way out.

"You can't just leave like this Alex. I want to get to know you, but you're making it really difficult," Zayn said with his arms held out as if to ward off a wild animal.

I sighed, frustrated, "But I don't want you to get to know me! Don't you get it Zayn? This could never work out!"

"Why don't you let me be the judge of that," Zayn whispered before he pulled me close and crushed his lips onto mine. At first I remained still, not giving in, but his warm, smooth lips drew me in like a moth to a flame. I hesitantly kissed him back and found myself enjoying the feel of his body pressed up against mine. I pulled myself even closer as I threaded my hands through his dark hair. When I felt myself smiling in the middle of the kiss, I pulled back and cursed my recklessness.

"Now, from that reaction, it didn't seem like you wanted me to leave you alone," Zayn said, leaning his forehead against mine. I sighed harshly, but didn't move away from him.

"God I hate you," I mumbled as I nuzzled into his neck.

He laughed and wrapped his arms around me. "Really? If that's how you show your hate for someone then I hope you never like me."

I sighed again and removed my face from his warm neck to stare into his eyes. "I don't hate you. I just don't want to like you. I don't want to get into a relationship, but that little smirk of your is really making it hard," I admitted.

"And just wait until you get to know me," he said smiling, "but can you at least give it a try? I don't know what it is Alex, but I'm not going to give up."

"Alright, I can't stop you, but I'm telling you now, I'm damaged. I don't know if ou really want to deal with that," I said looking away.

He tilted my face until I was looking up at him again. "Do you really think that that would scare me away? I always like a good challenge and I think you're worth it," Zayn said, stroking my cheek with his thumb.

"You don't even know me," I said surprised, "why are you trying so hard?"

"You know, I'm practically throwing myself at you, and you're just standing there, rejecting me. Most girls would jump at the chance," Zayn teased.

"Well I'm not most girls," I said quietly.

"No your not," Zayn agreed, "you're better then most girls. Why is it so hard to believe that I want to get to know you? I can see the wall you built up around yourself, but mark my words Alex, I'll get it down before you know it."

Before I could respond, he put his hands on my hips and leaned in until our noses were touching. I closed my eyes, anticipating what was about to happen when we were both suddenly on the ground. I opened my eyes in surprise and rubbed the back of my head.

"Oops, sorry," the curly haired boy from earlier said.

"Damn it Harry!" Zayn yelled, getting to his feet so he could help me up.

"Well what were you guys doing pressed up against the door, huh?" Harry asked with a cheeky grin on his face.

I laughed it off and introduced myself, "I'm Alex."

"Yeah, I know," Harry said, "Zayn wouldn't stop talking about you."

"Thanks mate," Zayn muttered, turning a slight shade of pink creeping over his cheeks.

I smiled and looked over at Zayn expectantly, "Well aren't we going to dance?"

A mischievious glint caught his eye and without a word, he whisked me off to the dance floor. He pushed us all the way to the middle of the dance floor and put his arms on my hips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him closer to me. I swayed my hips to the beat and closed my eyes, letting the sensation of Zayn's hands overtake me.

I snapped my eyes open when I felt a hand pull on my shoulder, seperating me from Zayn. "Listen," Krista said, slightly tipsy, "I'm heading over to my boyfriends house so you're going to have to find your own ride home."

I was about to give a snarky reply when Zayn put his arm around my shoulder, "Don't worry, I'll make sure she gets home safe."

Krista's mouth flopped open, apparently recognizing Zayn, even in the darkness. "You might want to close you mouth love," Zayn said as he led me to the door, "its not very attractive." I laughed at her horror struck face and let Zayn lead me over to his car.

"Where are we going?" I asked, when I realized we were going the opposite direction of my house.  Strangely though, I wasn't worried.

"Just to a little ice cream shop. I'm in the mood for something sweet," he said.

I continued to look straight forward, but when I felt his eyes on me, I turned my head. He was looking down at my lips and biting his lip suggestively. I laughed at his abvious attempt at flirting and faced forward again. "Face forward slick, I think you passed the ice cream shop," I chuckled as we passed a cute little shop with white trim.

Zayn chuckled and made a u-turn so we could find a closer parking spot. Ever the gentleman, Zayn jogged over to my side of the car and opened the door for me. I inclined my head, thanking him silently, but his next move surprised me. He grasped my hand in his and took his sweet time leading me to the entrance.

"You don't mind, do you?" Zayn asked, swinging our hands in between us. I shook my head and squeezed his hand slightly. He smiled in response and opened the door, ushering me in first.

"Hey Zayn, back again?" A pretty red head behind the counter said.

"You know I can't stay away from your amazing banana splits," Zayn replied.

"Coming right up," she said with a wink.

"That's all right if we share one right?" He asked.

"It's fine," I smiled. He led me to a nearby table where we sat across from each other.

"So why are you here in London?" Zayn asked.

I hesitated, debating on whether to tell him the whole truth or not. In the end, I chose to keep it simple, I didn't need to scare Zayn off already. "My mom got a promotion," was what I finally said, "so we had to move all the way over here, even though I'm in my last year of high school."

"That must be hard," Zayn said, squeezing my hand sympathetically, "moving away from your whole life. How are you handling it?"

"Well, I'm doing okay. Of course I miss my friends, but I guess moving was for the best," I said, then winced when I realized my choice of words.

"And why is that?" Zayn asked.

"And here's your sundae," the red head said. Ah, saved by the waitress, I thought to myself.

"Thanks Lina," Zayn said.

"Your very welcome," Lina said, putting her hand on his shoulder. He subtly shook her hand off and interlocked our fingers. She looked at our joined hands, pouted slightly, and walked back to the counter.

"I'm surprised she didn't spell out her number in chocolate sauce," I commented, grabbing a spoon and filling it with chocolatey goodness.

"She already tried that," Zayn laughed. He smiled down at his side of the bowl and I looked at him curiously. 

"What is it?" I asked. He shook his head and was about to start eating when I turned it around for me to see.

What I saw immediately made me start laughing. Spelled out in chocolate syrup were the words "Call me maybe?" and a little heart. Zayn joined in on my laughter and soon we both had tears leeking out of our eyes and were clutching our stomachs.

"God, I haven't laughed that much in months," I said once I had my breathing under control.

"Well, I'm glad I could have this affect on you," Zayn said, rubbing his thumb over my knuckles.

We continued to eat and I got to know Zayn better. He's actually a pretty decent guy and really has a passion for music, just like I used to. I tried not to seem too interested, but everything about Zayn fascinated me.

Zayn's P.O.V

I cant believe how fast I'm falling for this girl. The way her long hair flows down her back or the way she listens so intently to me, even though I think I've been rambling on for far too long. I was just so glad to have her attention on me.

The ice cream bowl sat between us, the ice cream eaten long ago, but still, we stayed. reveling in each others presence. "Zayn," Lina called, "it's already 10, we're closing up."

"Oh crap," Alex said, "I should be getting home, its about a 50 minute drive from here."

"Right, sorry Lina we're going," I said, quickly paying and taking hold of Alex's hand.

"I'm sorry all we did was talk about me tonight," I apologized to Alex, "I promise on our next date, it's all about you."

"Wait, our next date?" Alex asked, sounding surprised.

"Yeah, I told you I wasn't giving up," I smiled down at her and pecked her on the cheek. She blushed and looked away, not saying anything.

When we arrived in the car, she told me her address and I smiled to myself, "It looks like we're neighbors."

Alex looked confused then realization hit her face, "It appears my mom knows more about your whereabouts then me."

I chuckled and had one hand on the steering wheel and the other securely grasping her hand. We drove off in compatible silence, not needing words to feel comfortable with each other.

Alex P.O.V

I hate that I feel so comfortable around him. So far, this night has made me feel a lot more like myself. I think spending time with Zayn is slowly but surely turning me back into myself.

"We're here," Zayn said, snapping me out of my thoughts. He got out and offered me his hand as he walked me to the front door.

"I had fun," I admitted to Zayn, earning a big smile from him.

"See, I'm not that bad," Zayn teased, now holding both of my hands in his. He leaned in a bit and I let him kiss me slowly and sweetly.

I pulled away first and smiled in content, "Good night Zayn."

"Good night Alex," he whispered, his warm breath slowly carressing my face. I walked inside and practically skipped into my room.

"You look happy," my mom commented as I walked, more like floated by her room.

"Yeah, tonight was fun, thanks for making me go out tonight mom," I walked over and hugged her, "Good night."

I walked into my room and flopped onto my bed. I smiled to myself and closed my eyes, thinking of Zayn's soft lips on mine. I got up quickly and got ready for bed. As I let sleep overtake me, the last thing I though about was Zayn's smile, warm and inviting.

A/N: Ok, sorry if there are mistakes, I was in a rush :( mom is nagging me! Sorry if I can't update frequently, life is really crazy right now! HAPPY READINGS! :D

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