Behind Those Eyes

"when i look into your eyes i go weak , and my heart skips a bit" --
you and Harry have meet by coincidence.. love , tragedy , drama and much more :) ..


3. stole my heart?


Amber: it’s because of me, right?

You: what? No ,Amber you got nothing to do with this.

Amber: *sigh* , y/n I know that Dana hates to feel ignored especially by you since you are her only true friend , and I know that this fight was because me and you hanging out lately , I just don’t want your friendship to be ruined because of me, I’ll just stay away.

You: don’t be silly Amber . I consider you more than a sister to me, and I know that Dana hates me because she thinks I changed.

Amber: no, she hates me.

You: amber please just don’t say that, she’s just jealous because I’ve been hanging out with you a lot , but I’m sure that she’ll calm down soon, now I want to tell about something happened with me yesterday.

Amber: what happened?

You: well , yesterday when I went out of Dana’s house I was putting my earphones as I walked to the park and sat on a bench , then suddenly someone took off my earphones, and you know how I feel when someone does that..

Amber: hahahaha , yea you go out of your mind.

You: exactly , so  when he did I-

Amber: wait he? Continue, continue .

You: he said that it’ll hear my ears because it’s really loud , but I was crying and so mad so I put it back on, but he took it off again , so I got mad and walked away , but that guy , his voice he looked familiar.

Amber: you didn’t see his face?

You: not clearly , it was dark in the park , don’t think I’m crazy but he really looks like harry styles.

Amber: oh my god , you mean the real HARRY EDWARD STYLES?

You: well, I’m not sure.

Amber: what if it was him?

You: even if it was him , I just missed things up and probably I’ll never meet him again so yea.

Amber: awwww .

Me and Amber was just talking and fangirling when someone came towards us.


The girl: hey , I’m sasha we have a wedding right there and the main singer couldn’t make it , and we really need someone who can sings, please do you know anyone who can sings?

Amber: she can sing. She said pointing at you.

You: what? No no no , I can’t sing I have a horrible voice.

You always felt insecure about your voice.

Amber: yes , you can , come on goooo.

Sasha: please , come with me , we really need someone to sing , please.

You: but I don’t know , what song do you want me to sing?

Sasha: thousand years.

You: but I…..

Amber: y/n , no buts come on you know every word to this song , come on.

You: Uhhhh , ok ok , just come with me Amber.

Amber: ok , I’m coming , let’s go.

 ( )



Harry’s POV:


Yesterday I saw that girl , well she was really cute………and angry , hahaha , but she was just like weird , I mean why would she scream at my face when I’m harry styles , and she seemed like she doesn’t care if I was the harry styles , she just walked away without even caring, I don’t know , but that was something new for me.


Louis: HEY , harry where are you mate?

Me: oh , I’m here hahaha where would I go?

Louis: you were deeeeeeep in your thoughts.

Me: nah , I’’m fine.

Louis: ok , whatever you say ,anyways you wanna go somewhere?

Me: to the park , let’s go to the park.


Wow, I didn’t see that coming I, I just said it , but why? Did I want to meet that girl again? But why would I? she didn’t care for me and that was just weird, why I’m acting weird , I mean I can have any girl I want , well….except for that girl, uh I have to clear my mind ,I’ll just go have some fresh air at the park maybe it’ll make me forget about this for some minutes.


Louis: the park , cool let’s go.


When we were heading to the park there was a wedding there , and me and loui were really board and got nothing else to do , so we went into the wedding , I know were not invited but who cares , no will notice , or that’s what I thought.




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