Behind Those Eyes

"when i look into your eyes i go weak , and my heart skips a bit" --
you and Harry have meet by coincidence.. love , tragedy , drama and much more :) ..


5. only the start


We decided to go to McDonalds , we decided to walk to it , since it wasn’t that far, and we needed a walk after all of this , I mean it was like a dream , I always loved to sing , but I never dared to do it on public , and I never expected to sing on public , and today?? It was just so expectable.


Amber: what are you thinking about?


Me: just everything happened , Amber, you know , I feel like there’s something missing , I mean everything was amazing but something inside me was missing , like a missing peace or an empty space inside me.


Amber: you wanted Dana to be with you on a day like this , that’s the missing part (y/n).


Me: I don’t know , I just.. maybe , yea  maybe.


Amber: it is the reason , you both like soul mates , you can never live without each other , I’m sure everything will be fine , don’t worry.


Me: but I’m afraid that things won’t be the same , I mean she won’t trust me again , and we won’t be as close as before.


Amber: (y/n) , Dana can’t live without you, remember the song that you both wrote last year? And all the things you used to do? All those crazy things.


Me: yea..


Amber: remember what I told you when I first meet you both?


Me: yea , you said that you never saw a friendship like ours, and you said that we’re the only girls that will stuck together no matter what happened.


Amber: I still believe that, you never left each other’s side.


Me: and you are the best in the world , you know that?


Amber: I’m  not.


Me: you are , and you are a T.B.F.F


Amber: what the T for?


Me: T as True , you are  a True Best Friend that will stay forever.


Amber: awwww, thanks.


I smiled and we both went inside and ordered , and sat on a table till our food is ready.



Normal POV:



Molly went to see if Harry and Louis need anything.


Molly: hey guys , you need anything.


Louis: umm , no we’re fine , thanks.


Harry: um , molly , the singer , the girl that sang “what was her name?” *whispering* OH RIGHT , (y/n) , she left the party?


Molly: oh , that girl , yea , I think she left with her friend.


Harry: oh , thanks *Fake smile*.


Molly: ok , if you need anything guys , I’ll be there.


Louis: thanks , we’ll leave soon , anyway  but thanks again.


Molly: no problem , it was a pleasure to have you here , really.


The boys asked for her twitter name so they can follow her.


Louis’s POV:



After Molly left , I looked at Harry , he wasn’t normal , I don’t know but something is on his mind , he’s thinking a lot since he went back yesterday, I don’t know what happened with him , but he’ll have to tell me soon or later.


I was thinking of all those things when my phone ringed , and it was Niall , he probably went back home and didn’t find anyone there.


On the Phone* :


Me: hey , mate.


Niall: aye , where are you guys?


Me: we’re near the park , and you?


Niall: I’m hungry, me , liam and zany are going to McDonalds , meet us there, ok?


Me: ok , ok I’ll be there , and I’ll tell harry now, he’s lost in his thoughts which only God knows what are they.


Niall: ok , we’ll figure out when you guys come over, paul told the management of the restaurant , and they said they’ll let us in from the back door.


Me: Harry.  He didn’t answer OH GOD I whispered .




Harry: what?


Me: let’s go , the boys want to meet us at McDonalds.


Harry: oh , ok , let’s go.


We both headed to McDonalds and went in from the backdoor, the boys were already sitting on a table , so we went and sat with  them.


Me: hey.


The boys in sync : hey.




And harry suddenly stopped thinking , ok he was the weirdest guys ever.


We sat there waiting for our food, when we heard a laughing voice , like girls laughing voice , I thought we were the only people in here , and as we all looked to the table near us , there was the same girl that sang at the party , with another girl , I think she’s her friend , the one that Molly told us about.



Harry’s POV:


While I was starting to forget about that girl, I heard a laughter voice, I looked at the table beside us and here is she , the same girl that just to be honest S T O L E my heart , the first time I ever admit it even in my mind , GOD she looked so beautiful , her laugh was just amazing.


Zany: hey , harry YOUR FOOD IS HERE.




Zany: HARRY , I looked at him


Me: what do you want?


Zany: you are staring at that girl dude , she will notice, stop it.


Me: ugh , I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I think I-


Liam: you like that girl harry.


Me: what? Pfft naaaah.


Niall: then tell us NOW what’s wrong?


Me: UHHH , ok , I think I like that girl a bit , or I don’t , actually I don’t know I’m so confused, I have mixed feelings , I mean she’s deferent, look at her laugh , she’s just so normal , when I first meet her at the park that night-


Zany: wait , you know her?


Me: no , last night when I was at the park , she came and sat on a bench , and so I went and sat beside her , she was crying for some reason , and she was putting on her earphones , well the volume was very loud , and it would hurt her ears , so I took off one of them , and she looked at me with anger , then put it back again , and I took it off one more time, so she told me to stop it and I told her no , you will hurt your ears and she said why do you care , and I said I won’t let you hurt yourself , and with that she left.


Louis: AND?


Me: the point is that she didn’t care of who I was , she just acted normally , and when she sang at that wedding , she was just , ok I like her guys I like (y/f/n).


Liam: go talk to her.


Me: what , no.


Niall: go , come on.


Me: I’m not going.


Zany: fine , I’ll go.


And before I say anything he went and started to talk to the girls , when they first saw him their eyes widened , but they didn’t freak out.



Normal POV:



Zany walked towards you and stood in front of your table.


Zany: umm hi , can I sit here?


You: you… you are Zayn Malik.


Zany: and you are (y/f/n).


You: how , how do you know my name?


Zany: well , can I sit first?  


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