Behind Those Eyes

"when i look into your eyes i go weak , and my heart skips a bit" --
you and Harry have meet by coincidence.. love , tragedy , drama and much more :) ..


2. not because of you..


When I got back home, I laid on my bed and listened to more music, it was like my only escape from everything, my relationship with my mom wasn’t that good , we weren’t close at ALL , so I didn’t tell her what happened , I never did anyway because she wouldn’t listen to me , so I didn’t make an effort, I changed into something comfy and closed my eyes trying to get some sleep.

Next morning I woke up , took  a shower and called Amber to meet with her , I needed to talk to someone I trust.

I put on this outfit  and went out.



*Before heading out of the house:*

Mom: eat something before you go out.

Me: I’m not hungry.

Mom: where are you going?

Me: to meet Amber.


I went out before she could say anything.


I was gonna meet Amber at the park , the weather was really nice and we were going to have a walk.


Normal POV:

When you saw Amber at the park you both hugged each other.


Amber: heyy , I really missed you.

You: me too , it’s been a long time.

Amber: yea, so what’s going on?

You: much, you?

Amber: not much actually , but you have much come on say it , you don’t seem alright.

You: nah , tall stories , you don’t need to hear ‘em.

Amber: no , I want to , come on say it , it’ll make you feel better.

You sighed and sat on a bench that was beside you.

You: fine , I was gonna explode if I didn’t tell someone anyway, so um I had a fight with dana and-

Amber: it’s because of me , right?


please comment what do you think of it :) thanks for reading ... love you all <3

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